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Monday, December 14, 2015

Wip( Saga): The Norse Gaels

Norse Gael Warlord
Not by design but I seem to have picked up a Saga Norse Gaels warband recently. I decided to paint them up as a change of pace from painting 18mm, and 10mm figures.  Games wise the Norse Gaels offer a change from my traditional Welsh war band. Were the Welsh are more sophisticated (?) relying on misdirection and an unexpected strike to win battles. The Norse Gaels are a bit more of hold still while I hit you with a really big axe school.

Painting wise the plan is to try to paint the warband up in Dublin Colors since the Norse Gaels are second generation Vikings living in the area it makes sense.  I also want to try to learn to paint eyes in 28mm.   Traditionally I stay away from the windows of the souls when painting since it is tricky to get right and fairly easy to get wrong. Which in turn can put me off an otherwise well painted model.

Hearth guard with Dane Axes (really big axes)
Hearth guard with spears
Warriors with spears
Warriors with Dane axes
Levy with javelins
Keeping an eye on the progress
Up the Dubs
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