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Monday, September 28, 2015

MIssion critical (M&T): chevauchée

The British are coming
French moving under hidden counters

Chevauchee is my first take at a Musket and Tomahawks scenario.  The term comes from the 100 hundred wars and was used to describe the constant raiding that form most of the engagements in that period. The French Indian wars saw more of the same type of raiding. In this scenario a french raiding force is trying to back it make back to its lines while a British regular force is in purse keen to punish the intruders.

The French force consist of two officers and three units of Nine colonial marines.
The British force consists of two officers, two units of twelve regulars and two units of six Indians.

The battle takes part on 4’x4’ table with a loads of woods.
The French force picks one table edge and the British get the opposite edge. Starting with the British each side alternates putting down units. All units must be within one movement of their table edge (4” regulars, 6” Indians, etc),

Sample set-up

Victory conditions
The French must inflict at least 25% casualties on on the British and exit from any table edge with at least half their force.  For the British they must inflict at least 50% French while keeping at least 50% of their own force.
Les Bleus unit gets spotted by the British

Indians close in on les Bleus

Indians maul Les Bleus

Les Bruns move up to support Les Bleus

British regulars arrive on the scene
But recoil under fire
The Captain order them back in to actions
Taking heavy fire but hold the line
Finally the Regulars get a volley of forcing Les Bruns to recoil
Indian go hunting for Les Bleus
But Les Bleus beat them back
Les Verts reveal and start a fire fight with the second unit of British regulars
And devastate the redcoats
Indians go after Les Bleus again.
And wipe them out

The photos come from a test game of the scenario. In the game, the French did enough damage the pursing force but could not disengage fast enough to avoid massive damage.

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Frank O'Donnell said...

So let see did I gets it right ? the Indian's won :-)

Dakeryus said...

Have you seen last of the mohicans? :)
Indians are pretty nasty around this time period which is propable why both sides tried to recruit them during the war.

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