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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mission Critical (M&T): Blood on the Red Trail

Settlers on the move in the territories 

One of the things I like about Musket and Tomahawks is the role played by NPCs (civilians) and terrain (buildings and settlements) more than half of the mission in the rule involving protecting or destroying one or both of these elements making the game strongly themed.  Since I have just finished up painting some civilians, I put together a mission to introduce them to the table. The game was also an introduction for a first time player to M&T.  
Rangers leading the way

For background, convoy of settlers is on route to Fort William Henry with an escort of Rangers. It peaceful passage is rudely interrupted by the appearance of an Indian warband. Help is on the way but can the convoy survive long enough or will the warband claim some scalps.

With the men folk at the front of the convoy

The settler Convoy
1 Irregular officer
2 units of eight rangers
2 units of ten civilians

Relief column
1 unit of eight rangers
1 unit of seven rangers

The Indian war band
1 Chief
4 units of six Indians
1 unit of five Indians

Indians arrive on the scene  
The table consists of a of mix of terrain light/heavy cover. line of sight blocking, etc.
The officer deploys first in the center of the table.
The civilians deploy within 6” of the officer.
The rangers units with the convoy deploy within 12” of the officer.
The convoy pick which side they want the relief units to arrive from.
The Indians move on from the opposite table edge.

At the start of the turn for the first time a British irregular card is drawn roll a D6 for each of the ranger units in the relief column. If the number rolled is equal to or less than the current turn the unit arrives at any point on their table edge.

Indians start to fire on the convoy

Victory conditions
At the start of each turn roll 2D6 if the number rolled is equal or under the current turn this is the last round and the game ends.
Alternatively the game ends when one team surrenders or concedes.
Victory is determined by the number of civilian survivors.

Number of survivors =Result
0 =Massacre (literally)
1-4 =Major Indian victory
5-8 =minor Indian victory
9-12 =Draw
13-16 =Minor British victory
17-20 =Major British victory

The settlers take casualties
Indians hit the front of the column
Settlers try to make it to cover
As the Indians pursue
Indians close the gap
While the rangers try to cover the retreat
Indians and rangers trade fire
Indians try to overrun the rear of the column
While at the front the Indians are reinforced by french marines
The relief column arrives while the officer directs the children to safety
Last shots of the Indians have limited effect.
In the test game the Indians had backup in the form of two units of French marines. The Marines did not take much part in the game being too slow to keep up with the Indians and were dropped. In the test game the Indians got a massacre. Partly because the rangers did not block the Indians approach to the civilians, partly because the civilians panicked and ran into the fire lanes of the Indians.

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Frank O'Donnell said...

Sorry mate but there's no way I could play that game as it would end on turn 2 lol
All joking apart it does seem a really good game.

Dakeryus said...

It is pretty good i like the narrative drive of the game

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