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Monday, October 26, 2015

Sitrep (Longstreet): 3:10 to Yuma

Stars and Bars on the advance

Union Forces sheltering behind the railroad
Mid ‘63 sees the CS offensive rolling into US territory. This time the broken code let the US seize the initiative and they opted to defend the town of Yuma near the railroad track planning to use the bank as cover. But in the moving to defend the good defense position the 1st NY Cavalry and 69th NY regiment were delayed and went into reserve to arrive later in the battle

1st Texas and limber artillery form the right flank of the Confederate line
Confederacy infantry in assault line
The CS deployed first with 1st South Carolina and Rockridge batteries anchoring the left flank with the 5th Texas at their rear if they needed infantry support. On the other flank the 1st Texas infantry secured the flank with support from the 1st Texas artillery and all of the cavalry regiments.  The remaining infantry deployed in the centre.

Union reserves. Will the cavalry arrive in time t save the day?
The US respond with the 2nd Rhode Island battery facing the CS left while the 5th US artillery blocked their right. The 6th was supported by the 6th Cavalry and the infantry filled the centre.  Both side took a different approach to battle at the midway point in the campaign.  For the US they deployed in extend line to maximise the number of shot they could deliver while the CS deployed in assault to maximise the number of attack they could deliver in combat.  The deployment revealed the battle plan namely the US would spray and pray in the hope to break the advancing grey wave. For the CS the plan was to move like the wind and break the US line before reinforcement could arrive.
2nd Rhodes prepares to engage
The Confederacy offensive rolls on
The CS artillery scored an early success with the 2nd Rhode Island battery being destroyed by counter battery fire. The rest of CS army advanced much faster than expected.  The US response was limited to the 5th Artillery taking pot shots. Prior to the point of contact things began to unravel for the US with the 6th Cavalry breaking formation to advance on the enemy blocking the line of site of the 5th Artillery in the process. The US infantry opened fire without effect.
Confederate cavalry charging
Confederate cavalry take fire on the advance
Union line opens fire
An epic charges goes in

With a rebel yell the Confederates hit the Union lines. The 1st and 5th CS cavalry hit the US 6th cavalry.  But for the third time in a row the 6th Cavalry repelled an attack from multiple enemy regiments. On the other flank the 13th Georgia made contact but was also forced back.  In the centre the CS regiments from Texas, Louisiana and Alabama made contact with the recently arrived 28th Mass.  The 28th Mass was almost at full strength behind a defend obstacles, lead by a hero and standing like a stone wall. Faced twice its strength of eager southerns.  The results was a disaster for the Union. The 28th Mass simple ceased to exist under Confederate pressure.  The regiment formed the main anchor for the Union defence and its loss broke the Union line. Before the reinforcements could arrive the Union brigade broke contact and withdrew to conserve its strength rather than face further mauling from the rampant confederates.
Dismounted Union cavalry repel their opposite number
28th Mass gets annihilated
13th Georgia gets forced back 63rd New York
Post game for the Confederacy there was no promotion.  Losses have forced a merging of the 1st and 5th Texas.  The Confederates managed to break the under code for a bonus in the next battle. The brigade is joined by the Arkansas Battery (light rifle and Napoleon).  The 4th Texas and 1st Louisiana get reinforcements.  And finally, old Nath gets some new experience as a mexican war veteran, allowing one regiment a bonus in an assault.
Union line is breached
Post game for the Union there was no Promotion. The 88th New York gets a company sharpshooters.  Losses have forced a merging of the 2nd Wisconsin and 88th New York. The Brigade artillery losses are replaced with 3rd Rhode Island (two light rifles) and 5th New York (two Napoleons).  The brigade also gets its first colored regiment in the form if the 54th Massachusetts (10 companies of eager recruits).
Unusual sight of artillery limbered up and advancing
Going into the Winter  ’83 the forces look like this (with Italics to highlight the changes).

Union Forces
Commander: Brigadier General Thaddeus Koch
Skills: European Service, Drillmaster, Political Savvy
Epic Points: 16


69th New York Regiment
(2 companies, Steady Recruits,)
63rd  New York Regiment
(4 companies, Reluctant Veterans, Sharpshooters)
28th Massachusetts
(5 companies, Steady Veterans, Hero, Old Reliables)
29th Massachusetts
(4 companies, Steady Veterans)
54th Massachusetts
(10 companies, Eager Recruits)
2/88th Regiment
(6 companies,Reluctant  Veterans, Old Reliables, Hero, Sharpshooters )
6th United States Cavalry
(3 troops, Eager Recruits)
1st New York Cavalry
(8 troops, Steady Recruits)
5th United States Artillery Battery
(2 Heavy Rifles )
4th Rhode Island Battery
(2 Light Rifles )
5th New York Battery
(2 Napoleans )
Confederate Forces
Commander: Major General Nathaniel Cullen
Skills: Friend in the Statehouse, Preacher, Artillery officer, Mexican War Veteran
Epic Points: 19


4th Texas Regiment
(7 companies, Eager Veterans)
1st/5th Regiment
(5 companies,Steady Veterans)
1st Louisiana Regiment
(8 companies, Eager Recruits)
13th Alabama Regiment
(3 companies, Eager Recruits)
13th Georgia Regiment
(5 companies, Reluctant Recruits)
8th Texas Cavalry
(4 troops, Steady Veterans)
5th  Virginia Cavalry
(2 troops, Eager Veterans, Hero)
1st Virginia Volunteer Cavalry Regiment
(6 troops,Steady Recruits, )
1st North Carolina Artillery Battery
(1 Howitzer, 1 Light Rifle,1 Heavy Rifle)
5th Texas Artillery Battery
(1 Light rifle,1 Napolean)
Rockbridge Artillery Battery
(1 Napolean)
Arkansas  Artillery Battery
(1 Light rifle,1 Napolean)

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