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Monday, November 9, 2015

Sitrep (Longstreet): Battlefeild Bonanza

The battle field, Bonanza ranch on the right. Lonesome Dove ranch centre top

Union defense of Lonesome Dove ranch

Union defence at Lonesome Dove
Union column for the defense of the Bonanza ranch
Thin blue line
The Union gave battle around the Lonesome Dove and Bonanza ranches.   The ranches formed the objectives for the battle. Lonesome Dove was well situated in the center of the Union lines but the Bonanza ranch was in the wind on the flank.
Confederate assault force
Confederate infantry on the move
The Union deployed first the 2nd Rhodes Island and 5th US Artillery occupied the farm. The 2nd/88th, 63rd, 28th and 28th Mass provided infantry support.  The newly arrived 54th Mass and all the Union cavalry took the centre ready to provide support to either objectives.  The 63rd was tasked to secure the Bonanza ranch.
Union column taking artillery fire on route to the Bonanza ranch
Confederate advancing on the flank 
In response the Confederacy deployed all its cavalry with support from the eager recruits of the 1st Louisiana tasked to take the Bonanza ranch then outflank the Union line. The Artillery deployed in the centre tasked with softening up any units at might move to secure the ranch. The remaining infantry took the left flank and were tasked with securing a woods between the two ranches and to as a hinge to the cavalry swing around.

Union defenders take up positions at the Bonanza
Union and Confederate force contest the bonanza ranch
The engagement opened with the Confederate artillery attempting to silence the Union 5th NY artillery with limited effect other than forcing the guns to seek a more sheltered location. The confederate columns advance as per plan. On the Union front the cavalry and 54th Mass moved to support the 63rd in its attempt to secure the Bonanza ranch.  The remaining Union force were out of position and has move to get into the fight.
Confederate infantry take up a blocking position in the woods
Confederate Cavalry flank the Bonanza ranch
Both side arrived at the Bonanza ranch at roughly the same time and all hell broke loose. Confederate artillery eliminated the 6th US cavalry while the 63rd NY infantry and 1st NY cavalry were eliminated by a series of epic charges from the confederate cavalry.  the 54th Mass arrived and expelled the confederates from the ranch. But combined artillery infantry and cavalry repulsed them through a combination of barrages and epic charges.

Union artillery fire in support of the defence of Bonanza ranch
Union advance on the Confederate lines
Things did not all go the confederate way however.  In the woods the infantry suffered under artillery barrages and skirmish fire from stronger Union forces. A charge by the  4th Texas and 13th Alabama was bloody repulsed and most of the defenders in the woods were reduced to minimum strength.  The artillery also took lose with the 1st SC losing a gun to Union artillery fire
Confederate artillery fire in support of the assault on the bonanza ranch
Union force close on the Confederate defenders
Fortunately Union resolve broke before they could force the point in the woods and the Union brigade disengaged leaving the field to the confederates
Union artillery fire in support infantry advancing on the Confederate blocking position 
Post battle Major general Nathaniel is promoted to lieutenant general.  The exploits on the brigades cavalry made the papers from some bonus epic points. 1st Louisiana and 4th Texas suffer from reduce morale due to casualties suffered. The 5th Virginia cavalry is disbanded due to losses.  The South Carolina artillery get a new heavy rifle. The 7th Texas cavalry arrive with eight eager veteran troops. 5th Virginia cavalry and the 1-5 infantry get reinforced. Finally the 4 TH texas get a moral boost due a visit from the state governor.
Union force ejected for the Bonanza ranch
For the Union there was no promotion. 63rd infantry and 6th cavalry are disband and three regiment suffer from reduced morale due to losses. 54th Mass become veteran and old reliables while the 1st New York get a hero. The Brigade is reinforced with the 55th Mass (10 companies of eager recruit colored infantry) and the 6th New York artillery (with two Howitzers).  The Union also manage to break the confederate codes to get advanced warning of their next attack.
Both sides pay a heavy toll for the Bonanza ranch
Union Forces
Commander: Brigadier General Thaddeus Koch
Skills: European Service, Drillmaster, Political Savvy
Epic Points: 19

2/88th Regiment
(6 companies,Reluctant Veterans, Old Reliables, Hero, Sharpshooters )
63rd  New York Regiment
(5  companies, Reluctant Veterans, Sharpshooters)
28th Massachusetts
(4 companies, Reluctant Veterans, Hero, Old Reliables)
29th Massachusetts
(3 companies, Steady Veterans)
54th Massachusetts
(7 companies, Steady Veterans
Old Reliables, Hero)
55th Massachusetts
(10 companies, Eager Recruits)
1st New York Cavalry
(5 troops, Reluctant Recruits, Hero)
5th United States Artillery Battery
(2 Heavy Rifles )
4th Rhode Island Battery
(2 Light Rifles )
5th New York Battery
(2 Napoleans )
6th New York Battery
(2 Napoleans )
Confederate Forces
Commander: Lieutenant General Nathaniel Cullen
Skills: Friend in the Statehouse, Preacher, Artillery officer, Mexican War Veteran
Epic Points: 28


4th Texas Regiment
(6 companies, Eager Veterans)
1st/5th Regiment
(5 companies,Steady Veterans)
1st Louisiana Regiment
(5 companies, Steady Recruits)
13th Alabama Regiment
(5 companies, Eager Recruits)
13th Georgia Regiment
(3 companies, Reluctant Recruits)
8th Texas Cavalry
(4 troops, Steady Veterans)
1st Virginia Volunteer Cavalry Regiment
(5 troops,Steady Recruits)
7th Texas Cavalry
(8 troops, Eager Veterans)
1st North Carolina Artillery Battery
(1 Light Rifle,2 Heavy Rifles)
5th Texas Artillery Battery
(1 Light Rifle,1 Napolean)
Rockbridge Artillery Battery
(1 Napolean)
Arkansas  Artillery Battery
(1 Light Rifle,1 Napolean)

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Frank O'Donnell said...

Feck you Darragh now I've that Bonanza music stuck in my head, another nice report & are you about to rewrite the historybooks ?

Dai said...

28 Epic points for the CSA commander already!? Running away with it.

Great battle report and love the Western television series references.

Dakeryus said...

I did have the bonanza theme tune in my head during the game :)

The campaign is going well for the CSA but late war see the Union campaign bonuses kick in. It will be interested to see who comes out on top.

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