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Monday, November 16, 2015

Sitrep (Saga): war of the Saxons

Irish war hounds in action

It seems the arrival of the Last Kingdoms coincides with some renewed interest in Saga. My Welsh have been busy battling of usurpers principally from the lands of the Irish and the the Normans. But I managed to get a few picture for the chronicles.

Saga 1 meet and greet the Irish (Aka slay the warlord)
The Irish a bit of a pain for the Welsh.  The Welsh are a bit sensitive to missiles and are not particular fond of cavalry. The Irish have missile troops on the from of stone throwing boys from the bush  (with flashbacks to my youth) and cavalry in the from of warhounds.  Not ideally condition for battle. 

Welsh Hearthguard prepare for the arrival of some hairy hostiles

Rival hearth guards prepare to clash

Welsh manage to see off their rivals but many hearth guard fall in the battle
 Saga2: A tale of two Fords (aka battle of the fords)

Another Irish warband shows up this time met by a warrioir heavy welsh force
Welsh crossing a ford
Welsh arrayed for battle
Looking good but facing the wrong way Welsh pose for a team photo

Welsh prepare to cross the ford contested by Irish warriors

Irish warriors seize the frod

Irish Hearth guard Vs Welsh warriors in a javelin throwing competition
Welsh move to clear the ford
At the other Ford Welsh wariors clear the path for the warlord

Warlords clash
Irsih warhounds arrive on the scene

While at the other ford the Welsh clear a second path
Warlords, warriors, warhounds and Hearth guard clash

While more Welsh creep around the rear
That horrible moment Your Warlord releases his is all alone in the world. Fortunately he managed to kill the Irish warlord before he could be pulled down by the dogs

Saga 3: Meet the Normans (aka slay the warlord)
If Irish with their dogs and stone throwing shenanigans are a problem then Norman warbands with their professional cavalry and much more serious archery support are down right scary.  Historical the standard Welsh to Normans was to run away.  Unfortunately one day my Warlord had a little too much to drink

A rather nice stronghold terrain building
Norman warriors rid down Welsh levy and anything else they dislike

Norman Hearth guard prepare to do the same to Welsh warriors
The Norman warlord with levy Bowmen in the background
Fortunately cavalry do not particular like javelins in their horse as the Norman hearth guard found out
Overall a fun time was had with Saga but I feel it needs a campoaign setting to give the games some meaning compared to Longstreet. Then again pick up and play games like Saga or X-wing will always be easier to organise games with compared a campaign type game.

That is all for now thanks for stopping by.

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I think at different times we look for different things, like myself for you it seems to be campaign gaming is the thing we at now.

(with flashbacks to my youth) I never knew you where that old mate lol.

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