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Monday, October 19, 2015

Sitrep (Longstreet): Twin Peaks

Stars and Stripes defending Twins Peaks
Early ‘63 saw a renewal of hostilities between North and South.  Despite the North breaking the South's code, the South succeeded in outmaneuvering the Yankee invaders and forced them on the defensive. The forces engaged at the Twin Peaks in Norfolk county.  The Peaks (Big Top and Little Top) formed the main line of defense for the North and a breakthrough would force them to quit the county.

Stars and Bars on the move
The Union deploy with artillery occupying the dead ground between the hills with support from the 88th NY. Big Top was occupied by the 63rd NY with the 69th NY on the reverse slope and the 28th Mass covering the flank. Little Top was covered by the 2nd WI and the 29th Mass with the 6th Cav on the reverse slope.
The view from Little Top

In response the Confederacy deployed the infantry evenly against both peaks with the Artillery deployed to engage the enemy guns.  The depleted cavalry was positioned to out flank Little Top. Since the Union had deployed in depth with a narrow frontage the Confederacy plan was an even advance to grind through the multiple union lines bring more companies to fight rather than attempting to outflank and run the risk of being outflanked in turn by the reserves.

Rebel infantry passing a farm on the way to Little Top
The initial engagement was disappointing for both sides. From the Confederacy their initial artillery barrage did nothing while on the Union side the ground turned out be made of rock and none of the regiments could dig in (5 1’s in a row did not help the Union morale much).
Feeling a bit like Napoleon at Waterloo the confederate line moved across open towards the Union forces on the heights. knowing there was more Union force on the other side of the slope.
The lines get into rifle range

The artillery engaged in counter battery fire. The 1st North Carolina Battery lost two of its three guns while the 3rd US Battery was destroyed.  The CS advanced slowly forming into line while the US finished digging in. The CS opted to focused on capturing Little Top hoping to break the US line. The CS cavalry moved to outflank the hill which forced the 6th cavalry to move to block them.  The 6th dismount and charged the CS cavalry (not sure why). And was beaten back. the CS cavalry then launched their charge against the dismounted cavalry but this time they were driven back. With some consolation in that the 5th Virginia got a hero in the fighting

Rebel Artillery fires in support of the infantry advance

On Little Top the 29th Mass got confused and abandon their positions to move to met the approaching enemy blocking the line of sight of the 5th US Battery.

1st Taxes artillery fire on Little Top
The 6th Texas took up a blocking position facing Big Top while the CS force shifted towards Little Top.  The CS advance threatened to overrun the Union artillery which were obliged to limber up and withdraw to safety.  The US forces defending Little Top, the 2nd WI and the 29th Mass, opted to shoot and scoot. Firing on the advancing CS forces before retiring beyond charge range. But the CS fire was taking effect and eventually the two regiments were ground down and destroyed, leaving the path open to Little Top.
6th Texas assumes a blocking position at Big Top
CS advance on Little Top
Fire takes it toll on the defenders of Little Top
However, it was not to be. The US 6th Cavalry arrived on the hill with a swift side step to block the approach to the peak and then repelled the charge of 1st Texas and 1st Louisiana regiments. With the cavalry getting a hero for its efforts.  But at that point Union loss were too high and the brigade quit the field leaving the Confederacy to take control of the heights.

Here comes the Cavalry as the 6th US cav block the rebel advance on to Little Top
6th Cavalry repel the rebel assault on Little Top
Overall another great campaign game of Longstreet. The uniform well organised Brigades of full strength units of eager recruits at the start of the campaign are now a memory replaced with a brigade consisting of a mish-mash of under strength units. With some regiments little more than large companies.  On the campaign front, it feels like the tide is turning against the Confederacy. Their campaign bonuses are starting to expire while the Union’s are starting to gain traction.
Rebels pour fire into the Union lines
Post game for the Union. Thaddeus did not get promoted but got some interesting life experience and is now Political Savvy which will help him with promotion test in further battles.  The Union again breaks the Confederates code for a bonus to determine attacker/defender in the next game. The 63rd NY gets a reinforcement of one company, the 28th Mass gets a reputation as old reliables, while the 28th Mass is joined by a hero. The 2nd Rhode Island Battery with two light rifles join the brigades. Which is also reinforced with the 1st New York Cavalry with nine troops of steady recruits. After two years of war all further recruits will now be steady rather than eager to fight.

Cavalry clash on the flanks
For the Confederacy, Nathaniel does not get a promotion.  THe 1st Texas suffers badly from attrition and is now little more than a company strong.  The North Carolina battery is reinforced with Heavy Rifle and Howitzer. While the brigade is joined by the Rockbridge battery with one Napoleon.  The 4th Texas get a visit from the governor and see their morale increased to eager.  The 1st Virginia Cavalry in transferred into the brigade with six troops steady recruits.  Confederate sympathisers  have sabotage the union supply lines. Finally the brigade is reinforced with the 13th Georgia regiment with six companies of steady veterans.

After early ’83 the forces look like this (with Italics to highlight the changes).

Union Forces
Commander: Brigadier General Thaddeus Koch
Skills: European Service, Drillmaster, Political Savvy
Epic Points: 15


69th New York Regiment
(3 companies, Steady Recruits,)
88th New York Regiment
(3 companies,Reluctant  Veterans, Old Reliables, Hero )
63rd  New York Regiment
(5 companies, Reluctant Veterans, Sharpshooters)
2nd Wisconsin Regiment
(3 companies, Reluctant Veterans, Hero)
29th Massachusetts
(4 companies, Steady Veterans)
28th Massachusetts
(9 companies, Eager Recruits, Hero, Old Reliables)

6th United States Cavalry
(4 troops, Eager Recruits, hero)
1st New York Cavalry
(9 troops, Steady Recruits)

5th United States Artillery Battery
(2 Heavy Rifles )
2nd Rhode Island Battery
(2 Light Rifles )
Confederate Forces
Commander: Major General Nathaniel Cullen
Skills: Friend in the Statehouse, Preacher, Artillery officer
Epic Points: 16


1st Texas Regiment
(2 companies, Steady Veterans)
4th Texas Regiment
(6 companies, Eager Veterans)
5th Texas Regiment
(4 companies,Steady Veterans)
1st Louisiana Regiment
(6 companies, Eager Recruits)
13th Alabama Regiment
(5 companies, Eager Recruits)
13th Georgia Regiment
(6 companies, Steady Recruits)

8th Texas Cavalry
(4 troops, Steady Veterans)
5th  Virginia Cavalry
(3 troops, Eager Recruits, Hero)
1st Virginia Volunteer Cavalry Regiment
(6 troops,Steady Recruits, )

1st North Carolina Artillery Battery
(1 Howitzer, 1 Light Rifle,1 Heavy Rifle)
5th Texas Artillery Battery
(1 Light rifle,1 Napolean)
Rockbridge Artillery Battery
(1 Napolean)

Lines to trade fire around Little Top
CS on the advance
Rebel advance force the Union Artillery to limber up and withdraw
Union sharp shooters firing Big Top
US 6th Cavalry moving out

Stars and Bars on the move
Rebel Cavalry on the flanks
The Union lines
Confederates lining up
Union defence of Big Top
Union Artillery park

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