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Monday, September 14, 2015

WiP (longstreet): limbering up

Union artillery limbered up
At the time of writing this the Longstreet campaign is about a third of the way through its course. In campaign time we leaving 1862 and it pro confederate bonus and move into the more neutral 1863. In the campaign we start to see some subtle changes. New regiments of recruits suffers morale reduction from eager to steady. After two years of war and the eager volunteers are either in the cold earth or have gain more experience in fighting. The artillery allowance for each force is increased by 50% meaning more gnus to paint.  In addition the Union artillery start to flex its muscle and gets bonuses for artillery attacks.  
Confederate artillery limbering up
Confederate Caisson wagon 
Union Caisson wagon 
Union artillery deployed
Confederate artillery deployed

Confederate supply wagon (we are using them for objective markers in our games but I think your ACW rules they might be needed for re-supplying the infantry with ammunition 

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