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Monday, September 7, 2015

Sitrep (longstreet): Welcome to Collins wood

Confederate view of Collins wood

The last battle of 1862 take place on the edge of the Collins wood . Having broken the Union codes after the last battle and having twice as many cavalry, the Confederates again opted to attack hoping to drive the Union forces out of the county.

Frist blood to the Union. 5th Texas fired one round before being destroyed by counter battery fire.

The Confederate objective was deployed on their right flank. The 5th Texas and the artillery were deployed on the right flank to threaten the objective, the 1st, 4th Texas and the 7th Louisiana regiments went in the center while the cavalry was marshaled on the left flank. The plan was to attack in oblique order. The cavalry would turn the flank and hit the centre at the same time as the main force arrived then they would combine to clear the objective.  The Union countered with all their artillery plus the 69th and 88th regiment defending the objective. The 2nd and 29th regiments occupied the centre. Their left flank was refused and the 63rd New York and the 7th US cavalry were in reserve to arrive on turn five.

Confederates move to clear the woods of Yankees.
Taking fire on the way in

The initial action did not go well for the Confederates. The newly arrived 1st Texas fired one shot before it was destroyed by counter battery fire.  The 5th Texas dug in and spent most of the battle getting shot to pieces by Union artillery.  On the other flank, the Rebel cavalry went hell for leather to get the flank move.  In the centre the Rebels drifted too close to the Union line and started to take skirmish fire from the Union forces in the wood.

They push back the Union line

Without cavalry support and under fire the 4th Texas and the 7th Louisiana opted to charge. An epic charge saw them push back the Union lines. The 4th Texas reinforced with the cavalry lead another epic charge and push the union back further. The 7th tried to engage but suffered from old rivalries and could not moved. With heavy fighting in the woods the Union 2nd regiment got confused drifted into assault range on the Rebels. Another epic charge followed with the 4th Texas and 7th Louisiana pushed the Union line back further. Two of the three regiment engaged created heroes as the respective regimental commanders led from the front.

On the right flank the 5th Texas digs in waiting for the Union assault
Union reinforce arrive to cover the centre.
Union reinforcement arrived. The 7th cavalry arrived on the Union right flank while the 63rd regiment reinforced the struggling centre. The 69th and 88th broke cover and tried to overrun the 5th Texas. But their advance stalled in front of a newly discovered swamp and the regiments to the cover of the woods. The Rebel cavalry moved to intercept their counterparts  while the  7th Louisiana reinforced by the 1st Texas switched their axis of attack to threaten the objective.  The 7th Louisiana again charged the union lines and forced the  2nd US artillery to limber up and flee for safety but not before over running one of their guns.(we need a house rule which allows us to use captured artillery in future games :))  

Union and confederate cavalry face of
Confederate cavalry overruns their opposite number
The rebel cavalry destroyed their reluctant counterparts.  Elsewhere the advance left the 7th Louisiana dangerously exposed and it was hit by an epic charge from the 2nd and 69th regiments lead by two heroes. During the heavy fighting both the heroes were cut down along with the hero from the 7th Louisiana but in the end the regiment was able to beat back both opponents.  Suffering heavy loss the union force breaks and flees from the forest.

Union advance on the Confederate right stalls in front of newly discovered swamp. 

Post game sees the Union force getting war weary with the 2nd, 69th and 29th all reduced in morale. The 88th gets a new commander (Hero). The 63rd gets some sharpshooters to help with its skirmishing in future battles. The 7th US cavalry is disband due to losses. The Union brigade is reinforced with 28th Massachusetts infantry regiment and the 6th US cavalry regiment, ten and six companies strong.  In addition the Union managed to break the Confederate codes to get a bonus for the next game. lastly, Thaddeus Koch gets a promotion and manages to get his name in the papers to gain some bonus campaign points.

Confederate begin to clear the woods

And threaten a Union artillery battery

For the Confederate Brigade, Nathaniel Cullen gets promoted to Major General. The 4th and 5th Texas suffer reduced morale. The 5th and 8th (cav) become veterans.  The artillery is reinforced with the 5th Texas Artillery and the guns 2nd South Carolina Artillery are upgraded for future battles.  The brigade is reinforced with the 13th Alabama infantry regiment.

Confederate center faces of against the remains of the Union line

At the end of 1862 the brigade's strength is listed below.

Union Forces

Commander: Brigadier General Thaddeus Koch
Skills: European Service, Drillmaster
Epic Points: 14


69th New York Regiment
(5 companies, Steady Recruits,)
88th New York Regiment
(3 companies,Reluctant  Veterans, Old Reliables, Hero )
63rd  New York Regiment
(5 companies, Steady Veterans, Sharpshooters)
2nd Wisconsin Regiment
(5 companies, Steady Veterans, Hero)
29th Massachusetts
(5 companies, Steady Veterans)
28th Massachusetts
(10 companies, Eager Recruits)

6th United States Cavalry
(6 troops, Eager Recruits)


2nd New York Artillery Battery
(1 Napoleons)
3rd United States Artillery Battery
(2 Light rifles )
5th United States Artillery Battery
(2 Heavy rifles )
Confederate Forces

Commander: Major General Nathaniel Cullen
Skills: Friend in the Statehouse, Preacher, Artillery officer
Epic Points: 14


1st Texas Regiment
(5 companies, Steady Veterans)
4th Texas Regiment
(8 companies, Steady Veterans)
5th Texas Regiment
(5 companies,Steady Veterans)
1st Louisiana Regiment
(7 companies, Eager Recruits)
13th Alabama Regiment
(6 companies, Eager Recruits)

8th Texas Cavalry
(4 troops, Steady Veterans)
5th  Virginia Cavalry
(4 troops, Eager Recruits)

1st North Carolina Battery
(1 Howitzer, 1 6-pdr,1 Napolean)
5th Texas Battery
(1 Light rifle,1 Napolean)

Confederate advance forces the artillery to withdraw

Union counter attack tried to stem the rebel advance,
But it fails and falls back
View from the rebel side

Not everything went the Confederate way with the 5th Texas taking heavy casualties 
Mostly from the newly arrived new rifles.
A lot of heroes were created during the heavy fighting in the woods. But most do not survive the engagement

Union view of the Confederate centre

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Great report & I guess now your the very model of a model Major General lol
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That was quite the battle to follow with some really good pictures too.

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