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Monday, September 7, 2015

Sitrep(Saga): The convoy saga

Welsh convoy

It has been a while but Matthias and myself decide to renew the Scottish/Welsh hostilities in Saga. We opted to play convoy partly because it was the only game from the main book we have not yet played.  ETC preparation meant I was bale to get the wagons painted in time for the game.

It looks more like a battle line than convoy to be honest

One of the wagons opts to stay on the road as warriors try to force passage through the Scottish lines

On the other flank the Welsh hearthguard clear the forest of the scots

One Welsh wagon slips through the path cleared by the hearthguard

The Scots break through and go after a wagon

And loot the wagon
The rid wagon gets bogged blocked on the road. Levy blocked the path :( with Scottish hearth guard closing in 

Switching Sides the SCottish tried to get their convoy through the Welsh

Scottsih hearthguard tried to seize the house but welsh hearthguard and warriors wiped them out

Two wagons tried to move pas the welsh

While the third was blocked by Welsh warrirs

One Scottish wagon got away but the rest was captured by the welsh
At the end of the night we had managed to play two games each ending in a draw it seems easy to get one wagon away safely but two or more is very difficult while for the attacker there seems to be too many wagons to complete stop. Both parties are muttering about adding cavalry to the forces to cover ground more quickly. I still like SAGA but I think it is missing a campaign set to give the games context and it needs some form of force morale so when war bands get too badly damaged they will disengage rather than fight

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Frank O'Donnell said...

A campaign I think would work well in Saga, but I wouldn't be gone on forced morale it was the thing that ruined a certain old GW game for me.

Phil said...

Nice looking minis, love the wagons...

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