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Monday, September 21, 2015

WiP(M&T): Tomahawks in a Blue moon

Indian attack

It seems my Longstreet output has slowed down recently, the main culprit is these guys.  Recently I got to try Musket and Tomahawks (M&T) by the guys who made Saga.  The game is set in the French Indian wars before the out break of the American war of independence And I rather liked it. Which was fortunate because I picked up a French Indian war figures from Bluemoon manufacturing. Now I am painting up some English, French and Indian force for another campaign after Longstreet

Indian warpath (effectively neutral and can be used by both French and English forces

The English 
Or the 27th (Enniskillen)regiment of Foot to be more accurate 

M&T gives bonus to Indians for acting Indian-like and fighting from woods while british regulars get bonus for fighting in line

M&T units are a maximum of 12 models which is nice for the skirmishing aspect
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Frank O'Donnell said...

Very nice mate, what's the scale ?

Dakeryus said...

18mm, longstreet re-kindled an interest blackpowder games. The fench indian wars are pretty interesting without it there would have been no american war of independance and Mel Gibson would have missed his chance to a make a really bad movie

Frank O'Donnell said...

But at least we got the last of the mohicans a great movie with Daniel Day Lewis, 18mm I don't think I've come across that before, will there be a campaign ?

Dakeryus said...

18mm is scale creep of some of the 15mm ranges. It makes one manufacturer look a bit bigger comapred to another.

There is a campaign, something similiar to longstreet i.e. Both sides start of with roughly the same forces but as the campaign progress to forces change for the finale to plan is for the guy with the most points gets to try to storm his opponents fort

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