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Monday, August 26, 2013

WiP, Instant mold FOW vehicle accessories

Instant mold goodness

After some ETC madness things are starting to quiet down and it is high time to get back to modelling. There is a game event in Leipzig at the end of the month and another in prague the month after. But I am working on none of the above. Inside another FOW army in in the offing this time in the form of 1 Dywizja Pancerna  (or the 1st polish armored division). I want to do the 10th Polish Mounted Rifle Regiment using some of Plastic soldiers company's recently released Cromwell kits.  Being mostly tanks it needs lots baggage and accessories to personalize the tanks and give them a lived in look . One of the few criticism of the PSC kits is they generally are lacking in accessories. Since I was planning on doing about twenty five tanks I needed to create a lot of baggage accessorizes..Enter Cool Mini or Not's instant mold.I have been itching to use that for a while now and finally had a good excuse

Baggage being pressed into the mold

Use some PVA glue to stick some bagge from the bits box on to a shett of baking paper. 
Boil a kettle of water and pour it into large flat container.
Pop in one of the stick of instant mold and give it a few minutes to go soft.
Remove the stick of instant mold from the hot water and place on top of the baggage and squeeze down to force the impression into the mold.
Optional to can take more baggage and push it into the top of the mold.
Allow the mold to cool then remove the baggage peices.
Mix up some green stuff and push it into the molds.
Once dried the green stuff can be removed  to the new baggage peices.

overall the instant mold is a good tool to have in the modelling kit bag

Green stuff being pressed into the mold

green stuff casts ready once the green stuff has cured.

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