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Monday, August 5, 2013

Another round of Bolt(er) action

On a trip back home I manged to get a game of bolt(er) action (40K setting with bolt actions rules underneath).  The mission was based on Skirmish Campaign's defiant confrontation mission.  The setting is a platoon of imperial Guard arrive at a habitat intent on securing area and denying to the rebels. While the Rebels are trying to prevent the imperials from gaining a foothold.

The battlefeild


Alpha platoon enters the habitat. The Heavy Bolter team, Able and Baker squads secure the nearest buildings and establish a fire base. The rest of the platoon moves to secure the rest of the habitiat.

Iron Hide sights hostile forces and requests permission to fire. Permission is granted Iron Hide engages but inflicts no casualties. 

All units report contact with hostile forces. The hostile forces is estimated to be platoon strength accompanied by a demagogue (hostile equivalent of an Imperial Commissar).  All units engage the hostiles with priority targets being the rifle squads attempting out flank the platoons position.  

The MMG sections reports it is under mortar fire but opts to remain in position to suppress the hostiles. Several squads report confirmed kills on the hostile .

Captain Hanson leads Charlie squad to secure the main habitat building but finds the main hostile force is using it as cover to infiltrate towards the Platoons positions.

Iron Hide starts to take Anti tank fire from hostiles occupying a habitat.

The Heavy Bolter team receives a direct hit from a mortar attack and is destroyed.

Captain Hansa and Charlie squad abandon the main habitat building facing overwhelming hostile force.

Able squad scores a confirmed kill on the demagogue.

Iron Hide moves towards the main habitat building and engages the hostiles. The Storm squad debus and attempts to clear the main habitat. The assault inflicts casualties but fails to clear the building. The flamer runs out of fuel and has to withdraw. 

With the demagogue down and taking heavy the hostile force break contact and flees the habitat.

After action report:
castulties report

25 KIA

Habitat has been secured and Alpha platoon has been reinforced in case of further enemy action.
Hostiles sighted

Hostile centre group consisted of two lrage groups led by the demagogue 

The Hostile Leader secured one of the main habitat buildings

Main hostile force secure the central habatiti building

Iron Hide moves up to engage (and avoid some anti-tank fire that was coming its way)

Storm Squad tried to burn out the hostiles
But they stay in the fight.

more Guardsmen get called in to contest the main building

While another squad porvides overwatch cover.


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