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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mission critical (X wing): Hunted hunter

Lone Tie fighter on patrol
An imperial bounty hunter has captured rebel spy with information on the whereabouts of the hidden rebel base. The Bounty hunter is on route to an imperial base in a Firespray. To ensure the cargo's safe arrival a imperial patrol is escorting the ship. The rebels have one chance to disable the Firespray and fire the prisoner before the convoy reaches safety.

The protagonists:
The Imperial force consists 80 points of fighters and must include a Fire spray.
The Rebel force consists of 100 points of fighters.

Rebels intercept the Firespray

Mission Set-up
Imperial player select a table corner.
Rebel player deploys asteroids. Asteroids can not be within one move unit of other asteroids or the table edge.
The Imperial player then deploys his ships off table but touching an point within one move unit of his table corner. The rebel player deploys his ships of table but touching any point not within for movement units of the table.

Tie fighter moving to intercept

The game last 10 turns or until one of the conditions below has been met,
The Firespray is destroyed The Fire spray exists the table within one movement unit of the corner diagonal opposite to its deployment zone.
The Rebel force is destroyed.
The Imperial wins if the rebel force is destroyed or the Firespray leaves the table at the safe point. The rebels win if the Firespray is destroyed or on the table at the end of the game.

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