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Thursday, August 8, 2013

WIP (40K): Leman Russ Punisher conversion

Dakka Dakka

A week out form adepticon I found myself missing a few vehicles for an IG list. The Punisher conversion came about out of necessity when the local GW shop did not stock the model and it was not certain the onn-ine supplier could get the model there in time

1 complete Leman russ battle tank
Model saw
Super glue
Hollow Aluminium tubing  4-5mm wide 1-2 mm inner diameter and about 200mm long


  1. Saw of the base off the Leman Russ Barrell.
  2. Cut the aluminium tubing into 5 to six section roughly the same length. (Be careful not to crimp or the the inner tube.
  3. Stick the Aluminum tubing into the barrel block. keep adding tubes until the block is full.
  4. Once happy with the arrange superglue the tubes in place.
  5. Once the glue has dried paint the tubes to any desired color.
  6. If you want to convert the punisher back to a regular Russ for a game the old barrel should fit over the tubes and can be secured with PVA glue to keep it in place.
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