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Monday, August 12, 2013

Paint in progress (FOW): Plastic soldier british armour war spray

Canadian Armour ed Truck sporting Plastic soldier's new British armour spray
Despite already owning an airbrush and enough Vallejo Olive Drab to paint most of the British army. I took the plunge and order some of Plastic soldier company's new War Spray. Mostly just to see what was going on. So far I am impressed the spray arrived with an order to Zveda Matador trucks and some Battlefront armored lorries for the British force. After a dry run to the Matadors  I had a go at the battle armored trucks.
The spray was applied directly with no prime and the it worked fine. In future I might add a grey or white primer to brighten up the vehicles a bit.

The models were then given a black wash. Followed by a dry brush of Vallejo Russin green. Then the details were picked and the models was finished

Zveda's Matador trucks. 
The nearest one was primed with the PSC spray while the furtherest one was primed with a Vallejo Olive Drab applied from an air brush
Zveda Models always seem to be guinea pigs for any new modelling methods for some reason.

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