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Monday, September 9, 2013

PiP (FOW): rockets away

No 1 Battery

Been busy lately, running for ETC chairman and helping the lads organise NWG2013 is cutting into my painting and gaming time for now :(

FOW of war for this month is all about artillery it seems. The Commonwealth rocket battery is finished with photo attached still to come is another German Rocket battery and some big German guns.
In other news I got my second FOW tournament in. The first out for my reluctant trained Volksgrenadiers did not go well they did manage to win one game but that was pretty the highlight they are a bit too slow, too easily hit and a run away a bit to easy. But they do look pretty and getting any positive result takes a fair bit of skill

No2 Battery

British tankies

It is for you Sir

Rocket launcher with reload marker

Unicorns and British Mechanized infantry both are equal rare in FOW

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