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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sitrep (40K) Caledonian Uprising Part 1

So much for cutting back on the tournaments this year. I could not even wait until Warpcon to get my frist tournament of the new year in :)
Caledonian Uprising, aka the ETC team Scotland qualifier, got the green light because,
1) It was nearest event on at the time.
2) Dave offered to put me up for the weekend (He did not know this at the time)
3) It was being hosted at Maelstorm Games which was somewhere I wanted an excuse to visit.
4) The opposition is pretty much the entire ETC teams for Scotland, Wales, England and some of Northern Iron so a good scrap is in the offing.
5) with a planning we might be able to get a fancy warhammer world table for a game.

All of the above meant it was time for a crusade

The Caledonian Crusade
Canoness The lady Tabita Woe
Celesians mission with squads Rose, Thorn, Sword.
Sisters mission with squads Miriya, Iona, Cassandra
Exorcist squadron with exorcists  Revenge, Heretics Folly, Retribution Inbound
Immolator squadron with immolators Ardent, His Will, Divine Pronouncement
Rhino squadron  with rhinos Blessed, Sanctity, Inviolable

Round -1;
Mission; annihilation
Deployment; sort of pitch battle
Opponent; Dave and John Vs Alan and myself
The forces;
Arriving early on Friday and with a bit of planning we arranged a trip to warhammer world and managed to get a game in on one of their feature tables. After randomly determining pairs Dave and John paired up against Alan and myself.  So Blood Angels and Space Wolves Vs Tau and Sisters.

Who knows what terrors lie beyond those gates

 The sister and tau deployed first.  Because the features table was only 12'x6' we agreed to only use a section of it, with only Alan and his Tau rail guns wanting to use the whole table.  The wolf/angel alliance respond with the wolves deploying in the fortress and all the Angels opting to deep strike.  Not much happened for the first turn with the sisters and Tau taking potshot at the wolves chipping of a few wounds here and there, with little in return.
Charge of the wolves
Turn two got interesting with the arrival on fo the first wave of Blood Angels.  A 10 Assault marine squad, land raider with terminators,librarian and priest all deep struck danger close to the Sisters flank. With a blood lance and multiple meltas in close range it was looking grim. But fortunately when the dust had settle there were no casualties.

Long Fangs take aim
With the first marine deployed the sisters/Tau alliance got to work.  The Tau drip feed the wolves small units while all the time whittling them down until they were destroyed.  The Sisters found themselves in close range of marines and went on a flamer/meltagun rampage destroying the first wave and the reinforcements when they showed up.  Lady Tabita struck down over a dozen assault marines in close combat and walked away without a scratch.

 Surrounded but not undaunted

By the end of the game the Blood Angels were wiped out and the surviving wolves were hunkered down.  The Tau were damaged but largely intact while the sisters had lost two vehicles and a dozen sisters spread across all the squads.

That is what a 12"x6" themed table looks like

Result; Sister Victorious

Round 1; 
Table; 27
Mission; multiple objectives
Deployment; Dawn of War
Opponent; Peter
His army; Flesh Tearers
3 las/plas razorbacks
1 landraider
1 terminator thunderhammer/storm sheild squad
2 Predators
1 Dreadnought

I had played Peter before the last time was  UK GT heat 2 table 1. He fought me to a draw and ended my claim on frist place so this was time for pay back.
The frist two turns were cagey, with Peter trying to use his multple lascannons to immoblise the sisters while they in turn tried to work through cover to get into close range.

Peter takes aim

 Veteran Sargent Corbula

Turn three was the tipping point when a long range shot from a melta gun dsestroyed the landraider.  With the Terminator down to walking the Sisters pressed the attack in the centre.  Lady Tabita squads, Rose, Thorn and Cassandra broke through destroying two squads of Tearers in the process.  The Flesh tearers tried to close the gap  but the Celestians and the Cannoness peeled of and blocked there path catching them in a cross fire with the exocrist. Lady Tabita again saw close combat this time destroying the terminators squad after it had softened up by the exocists.

 Sisters seeks shelter behind Sanctity
 Before going on the offensive
By the end of the game Peter had a single scoring holding an objective with a few vechicle dotting the feild while the Sister held three objective and were largley intact.

 Lady Tabita best the last of the Terminators in close combat.
Result; Sister Victorious

Round 2; Table 7
Mission; Capture the flag
Deployment; Pitch battle
Opponent; Sean Gill (Orks)
His army;
2 Big Meks with bubbles
9 kill kans
2 dreads
2 mobs of lootas
2 mobs of boyz
2 Koptas
His was army nominated for best painted and looked impressive

How about lunch? (Unknown Waaagh)
The flags were deployed in diagonal opposite corners meaning that Sean deployed his army in two large groups and the big meks with lootas deployed the in the centre to cover both groups.  In response the sisters deployed in the center to threaten both flags.  First to go were the lootas with combined exorcists fire making a mob flee of the table, while the second squad was cleansed by flamers from an assault sister squad.  Mean while one group of Orks moved quickly towards the Sisters flag while the other hunkered down around theirs.

 Kan wall

With the lootas gone the Sisters transports had free run while the exorcist started to target kill kans.  Squads Iona, Sword and Thorn when after the Ork objective while the other squads when after the advancing ork group. At this stage Lady Tabita met her first but not last martyrdom when she assaulted a mob of boyz. Squad Rose and herself fell trying to draw the scoring unit away from the objective.
The Ork koptas showed but were ineffective and quickly seen off by Sword squad.  The exorcist managed to strip the Garrison group of all their dread and kill kan support and squads Iona and Thorn cleansed and claimed the objective fire and melta.

First maytrdom of Lady Tabita

Elsewhere, Lady Tabita sacrifice was not in vain as squad Cassandra destroyed the last scoring ork mob. But the kill kans continued to fight on destroying squad Miriya that was trying to defend the Sisters objective.
The game end with the sisters holding the ork objective and while the last two Orc models a pari of kill kans contested the sisters objective.
Last stand of Squad Miriya

Result; Sister Victorious

Round 3; table 2
Mission; Annihilation
Deployment; Spearhead
Opponent; James playing daemons
His army;
2 Great Unclean One (GUO)
2 flesh hound packs
1 blood crusher pack
2 Fiend pack
1 Flamer pack
3 Plague bearer pack
1 Disc pack

 Sisters prepare for Daemons 


The Sisters went second and covered their deployment zone in troops and vehicles.  The wrong first wave of daemon showed up, just packs of Plague Beares, Flamers, Discs and some hounds. Most of them opting to deepstrike behind cover or run into cover. The Sisters counter fire was poor with only a few Disc succumbing to the emperor's wrath. The Daemon second wave all arrived bar one pack.  One of the GUO had a mishap and end up in the far corner of the battle Field. The flesh hounds pounced on squad Rose making short work of them.

Blood Crushers

The sisters replied by cleansing the Fiends by fire and bolter while another squad cleansed the flamers.  Lady Tabita met her second maytredom trying to stop a GUO from attacking the Exorcist squad. The Daemons retorted by destroying squad Iona and Ardent, His Will, Divine Pronouncement, Revenge,Blessed, Sanctity.

Flesh hounds on a rampage 

The Sisters struck back banishing the GUO, Blood Crushers ,screamers and both packs of flesh hounds. A quick head count put the Daemons ahead by one kill point at which point they broke contact and went to ground.  The game ended with the sisters desperately trying and failing to kill the last plague from the only pack they could see

Result; Sisters defeated

Two wins and a lose put me on 45 points out of 60 not a bad start.  As a plus the organisers published the next days pairings. With only two Sisters army in the entire event guess what was the pairing for table five.

Agents for the office of the UK Witch Hunter General

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