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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sitrep (40K) Caledonian Uprising Part 2

Day two started a bit hazy. Maelstorm had recently opened their bar and the UK master the weekend before had stayed to the wee hours. Tim had asked for volunteers to stay longer than the master crowd and it would have been rude to decline.  So we did a few rounds to beat the Masters time then had one for the road, one for luck and left because the bar staff were looking like they needed to go home;)

Round 4;
Mission; Capture the flag
Deployment; Dawn of War
Opponent; Gary Marsh aka UK witch hunter general
His army;
2 canoness
2 squads of sisters
1 squad of celestians
3 exorcist
1 squad of seraphim
1 imperial guard platoon (HQ and 3 squads)

This should be interesting I'm not a fan of the seraphim but most sisters players swear by them. The loyalists won the initiative and opted to go second. Gary opted to deploy his IG on his objective and an rhino on the half way mark.  In response all the Loyal sisters units opted to roll on.  First turn was uneventful with no target presenting themselves in the night. Both armies taking the time to close on each other. Turn two saw day break and the heretics opened fire with exorcists and autocannons from the guard destroying Ardent and immobilising Sanctity.

Sisters take fire from heretics

Counter fire destroyed a heretics rhino and immobilised another all the while the heretic seraphim were working their way through cover towards the loyalist objectives.  Turn three saw the destruction of all the loyalist transports except Inviolable with the all the heretics transporters being destroyed in return.

Ramaging heretics

With the loyalist assault on the heretics flag stalled the heretics closed in on the loyalist flag with two canoness, two squads of sisters and a squad of celestian.  Flame and bolter saw the loyalist hold their objective at the cost of lady Tabitha and squads Rose, Thorn, Iona.

Sisters hold the line
Result; Sisters drawn

Round 5; table 7
Mission; multiple objectives
Deployment; spearhead
Opponent; Ian Ward
His army; The glorious 261st regiment of Kreig
1 Command squad
1 Platoon with HQ, 3 infantry, 2 special weapons (SWS) and 2 heavy weapons squad (HWS)
1 Platoon the HQ with 3 infantry, 2 special weapons
1 Squadron of 2 griffins
1 Hell hound
1 Devil dog
1 Leman Russ tank
1 Demolisher

An unusual guard army that actually had imperial guard in it.  The Sisters won the initiative and deployed in shield wall.  The Guard response by deploying a tank on either flank with artillery to the rear and infantry in the centre, with a platoon is reserve.  The Hell Hound and Devil Dog deployed on one flank. The guard made a deployment error with each tank facing different section of the sisters force allowing the  the Sisters force to get cross fire shots in at the side army.  

Sisters in shieldwall

Round one shooting was very strong with a Leman Russ and a Devil Dog destroyed, casualties from the explosion causing a nearby SWS squad to flee. All the while all the Sister units went on a general advance. Return fire from the guard was ineffective destroying Sanctity and stunning a couple of vehicles.

Traitor Guard

Turn two saw the sister maintain the pressure trying to keep the guard hemmed in to their corner destroying the hell hound and damaging the heavy weapons squads. Squad Iona assaulted an infantry squad only to be fought to a draw. Squad Rose and thorn targeted the demolisher, blowing it up, and an assaulted a nearby guard squad again being fought to a draw.  No guard reinforcement arrived and to make matters worse the shooting was again ineffective damaging a few vehicles and doing minor wounds on various squads.

Turn three saw the destruction of the HW squads with the exorcist starting to do damage to the command teams. Squad Iona final finished off their opponents while Rose and Thorn remained in combat.  The Guard reinforcement finally arrived, the infantry squads combined and quickly destroyed Iona while the SW squads destroyed Revenge's exorcist launcher.

Weapon less Revenge went on the offensive tank shocking the two SW squad of the table. Squad Miriya and the Canoness engaged and destroyed the combined squad with flamers and close combat weapons.  With little left the guard continue to fight on again inflict light damage on the sisters.

The game end when the Canoness cut down the company commander and the last of the guard were shot of the table for a wipe-out

Traitor Guard being cleansed

Result; Sister Victorious

Round 6;
Mission; Annihilation
Deployment; pitch battle
Opponent; Neil Kerr
His army; Daemons
2 Herald of Tzeentch
1 Screamer pack
1 Blood Crushor pack
1 fiend packs
2 Soul Grinders
3 Plague Bearer packs

The sister won the initiative and opted to go second with all unit in reserve.  With no targets Neil’s preferred wave of GUO, blood crushers, fiends, grinders and heralds arrived. They spread out evenly to cover most of the Sister table edge. 
With still no targets the second wave daemons arrived and joined the line at the 18" mark.  Squads Iona and Thorn finally arrived and cruising speed and popped smoke.
With some targets at last the daemon army started to Congo towards the sisters. Shooting was better than expected with Ardent destroyed and Sanctity immobilised. 


The loss of transports in the first wave was a bad blow since the plan was to set up a crossfire with the second wave to cut through the daemon packs.  The second wave arrived consisting of lady Tabitha, squads Miriya and Sword and vehicles Revenge, Blessed and His Will.  The cross fire opened up Banishing the GUO, badly damaging a GUO and reducing a fiend pack to a couple of wound models. Unfortunately the canoness and Thorn squad failed to assault through cover leaving daemons free to roam.  The herald immobilised the Revenge and destroyed the storm bolter of Sanctity. The fiends destroyed squad Miriya, while a soul grinder destroyed His Will.
Squad Cassandra, Rose arrived with Inviolable, Divine Pronouncement, Retribution Inbound and targeted the fast approaching blood crushers again mauling but not destroying the unit. Thorn tracked down and killed the wounds herald while Iona targeted screamers and the canoness went after the unwound herald.

Plague Bearers

The surviving Blood Crushers and the undamaged fiend pack decimated squads Cassandra, Swords and several vehicles’ on the process in reply Lady Tabitha killed the herald and Thorn assaulted and destroyed the damaged fiend pack.
Turn five saw Heretic's Folly finally arrived and it banished the last of the blood crushers.  Lady Tabitha was pinned in combat by a soul grinder while the plague bearers overran squad Rose. Lady Tabitha was finally cut down by Plague Bearers while Heretic's Folly was destroyed by fiends.  The game with the surviving sisters breaking contact and trying to get out of assault range of the daemons

 Lady tabitha's last stand
 Result; Sisters defeated

Summary; Overall the Sisters came 11th out of 80 players and I had a blast. The maelstorm venue is pretty slick I would love to get a tour of their warehouse.  The event room has four tables in a row with ten rows in the main room and several more in the second room.

More photos can be seen here (be advised there is about 200 of them and for some reason the warhammer world photos show up half way through the tournament for some reason).

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