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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

PiP (Fow) russian guns and German grenadiers

Still chipping away at the Russian guns below are some of the latest recruits

The only new painting method tried was using Testors Dullcoate to varnish the models instead of army painter matt coat.  It was bit of disaster with the initial coat turning everything white. I tried multiple coats heating the can, cooling the can, shaking the can and below is the result. White varnish is still present on some of the models but it is not as bad as the frist coat.
Platoons 3 and 4 from the front

Platoons 3 and 4 from the rear

platoon 3 again

platoon 4

Not to be out done the Germans got some reinforcements in the from of a early/mid war grenadier platoon from forged in battle.
(I like their vehicles but the infantry are only average, nice but average)

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