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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

PIP (40K); Dark Eldar

The Kabal of the House of Pain now stands at 1 Archon, 10 warriors and 10 wycthes.  The Archon is called lord Malwrath based of the dark eldar lord in a short story called mistress babeah gift about a dark lord out to impress a lady friend.

The method;
(AP=army painter GW =games workshop V =vallejo)

The models were under coated AP bestial brown.
The armour was painted V Oily steel.
The tunics and leggings were painted V german grey
The flesh was painted GW space wolf grey
The guns were painted GW brazen brass with the tubing painted GW snot green.
The hair and plumes were painted V flat white.
Lord Malwriath armour was painted GW burnished gold (because he is the boss and needs to stick out).
His cloak and the other warriors sashes were painted GW liche purple ( going forward each squad's sash will be painted a different color for squad markings).
The blades were painted GW shiney silver with the handles painted GW bleached bone.
The bases were done the same as the chaos deamons test bases
A few test washes were done on a couple of models and in the end the armour was left without a washes while everything else was given a black wash.
Only lord Malwrath was varnished (since he was a metal figure).

Lord Malwrath

Wash test V black wash (right), no wash (centre), V smoke wash (left)

Wycthes (got to admired the movement in the models)

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