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Monday, January 24, 2011

mission critical, (FOW) ; Break out at Spree forest

Break out at Spree forest  28th of April 1945

The situation is hopeless. The Russian army has surrounded Berlin and in closing in for the kill.  To the south the 9th army has been encircled in the Spree fores.  Its only hope is to break the encirclement and flee to the west to surrounded to the western allies.

Design note; This mission was adapted to FOW from Andy Turlington's breakout at Baruth mission in his the WWII Eastern front skirmish scenarios book.

The battle field is set-up as per the map shown.
The woods are impassable to vehicles and count as difficult terrain for other teams. They are also on fire (see special rules).

The Russian force deploy first and can deploy anywhere west of Baruth. The IS2 start the game in tank pits.
The German roll on from the eastern road.

The forces
The Russain defenders – 2180 pts
1 Motostrelkovy Battalion HQ  -30pts
2 companies of Motostrelkovy (each with two platoons and one attached anti-tank rifle platoon) – 490 pts
2 Tank platoons (IS2 tanks, each with 5 tanks). - 1660pts

The German attackers -2145 pts
1 Gepanzerte panzergrenadier Company HQ (with attached anti-tank section) - 115pts
2  Gepanzerte panzergrenadier platoons (each with panzerfaust/SMG command and two squads) - 420pts
1 Heavy tank platoon (with four king tigers) - 1360
1 Gepanzerte panzergrenadier pioner platoon ( with panzerfaust/SMG command and two squads) -250 pts

Special rules
Woods on fire;
After three days of bitter fighting the Spree forest has been set on fire.  This has the following effects.
-There is heavy smoke, Night fighting rules apply.
-In addition any teams in the forest must take a skill test if they fail they take an automatic hit which can be saved as normal.

Victory conditions;
The game last until one side concedes, or the game reaches turn 12 and there is no German platoon above half strength west of Baruth.
The Germans win if they get one platoon or more above half strength to exit the western table edge and other result is a Russian win.

 IS2 on the prowl

Russian SMG company move through a deserted village 

Company of T34s on the way to the front
 Panthers on the prowl

 German garrison prepares to stand its ground

Russian assualt company makes ready

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