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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dig In (FOW); gun emplacements

Been a while since I did a modelling piece. the following is how I made some of the gun emplacement bases for my FOW artillery and guns.

  • 1-2mm thick Plastic card
  • FOW artillery base
  • FOW gun
  • Scissors
  • pencils
  • Balsa wood
  • insulating foam
  • polyfilla
  • Catty litter
  • PVA glue

  • A FOW artillery base and the pencil were used to trace out the artillery base shapes on the plastic card
  • A scissors was used to cut out the bases.
  • Insulating foam was cut into small sections 1x1x3(cms)
  • The gun was placed on the base and the insulating foam was arranged around it in a interesting shape.
  • Once happy with the shape the foam was bevelled (sloped) on the side opposite the gun.
  • PVA glue was used to secure the foam to the base.
  • The gun was removed and Balsa wood strips were glued to the gun side on the embankment*.
  • Once the foam and the woods was secure filla was coated on to the foam taking care not to cover the wood.
  • To break up the filla effect small catty scatter was stuck into the filla as it dried.
  • Once dried the model can be painted as normal.

* one option to do is before gluing the balsa woods section to the base to score them with a knife to create the effect of wooden planking for this method the  wood plank effect was to be done during the painting of the model with a fine brush.

Bases with foam and woods glued in place

front view of emplacement when completed
Rear view of emplacement when completed
Top rear view of emplacement when completed
Top front view of emplacement when completed
Top side view of emplacement when completed
Below are some painted examples from my Germans 
With the anti tankgun  the polyfilla was painted green then covered with leaf scatter to make it look like a bush.

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