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Friday, September 24, 2010

FOW; mission critical-Blastov

Somewhere on the Eastern Front in 1944.
Design note; adapted to FOW from CS grants table top teasers in battle games issue 23

After a long absence Kampgruppe O'Donnell has been sent into battle once more. Its orders are to advance down the Blastov road to stop any potential Russian advances. After a night of heavy rain the lead platoon reports sighting Russian tanks blocking the road.

Blastov Road

The Protagonists
Kampgruppe O'Donnell
1 Company HQ (2 PV)
1st platoon (5 PIV)
2nd platoon (3 PV)
Heavy tank platoon (3 PVI)
Tank hunter platoon (4 jagdpanzer)

Panzer IV's move into Blastov village
And spread out to engage the approaching Russians.

The Russians
Battalion HQ (1 T34/85)
1st Tankovy company (10 T34/85)
2nd Tankovy company (10 Shermans)
Panzer IV's claim the frist kill with a long range shot on a sherman.
Return fire destory a PIV.
3rd Light Tankovy company (10 Stuarts)
1st Guards heavy tankovy company (3 IS-2)
2nd Guards heavy tankovy company (3 IS-2)
1st Guards heavy assault gun platoon (5 ISU-122)

Panthers and Tigers rush to the rescue
See map.
The German 1st platoon starts at A
2nd platoon and the heavy tank platoon start a B
The German Tank hunter platoon starts the game in reserve
The Russian start deployed at point 1.

Special rules
Its been raining
During the night before the battle the area was affected by heavy rain the result is that several unmapped marsh areas have formed on the battlefield. Before deployment each player must secretly roll D6-2 to see how many marshes they have. During the game at the start of your opponents movement phase a player can reveal one or more of their marsh markers by placing them down on the table. Marshes cannot be placed in terrain or on the road but they can be placed under an opponent’s units.
While Russian units wait for re-supply.

And there is a lot of Russians.

Pushing hard
The Russian force has been pushing hard to get into position as a result several platoons are low on fuel and need re-supply. After deployment secretly roll a D6 for each Russian tank company and consult the chart below.
4-6 no effect the unit can fight as normal
3- The unit is in the process of being resupplied and cannot move or shoot for the frist turn
2- The unit is in the process of being resupplied and cannot move or shoot for the second turn.
1-The unit is in the process of being resupplied and cannot move or shoot for the third turn.

Resupplied the Russians push the right flank taking casualties in the process.
And the Left flank as well.

Victory conditions;
This is a plain and simple shoot-out the game last until one side breaks or is destroyed.

But take heavy losses in the process.

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i noticed the out come of the battle wasn't mentioned i wondered why. still some good photos you've come on alot with the camera.

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