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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dig in (40k) vehicle explodes marker

Materials needed;


Vehicles accessories or left over parts

Textured paint


Cut the MDF into the desired shape for the vehicle explodes marker.

The marker does not have to be the exact same shape as the vehicle it is replacing imagine bits of it have been blown off or away from the wreck.

Bevel (slope) the edges of the MDF

Take the vehicle components and glue them to the MDF either with liquid nails or PVA glue.

Once the first layer of vehicle components has set glue a second layer down the more layers the richer the effect.

Once all the layers have glued paint textured paint on any exposed parts of MDF and in patches over the vehicle parts.

Once the textured paint has dried undercoat the marker GW chaos black and paint the rubble to what theme seems appropriate. I like painting mine salamander green because one of my regular opponents uses a salamander army and the wrecks seem appropriate.

To save time I made a mould of my first template and just cast several more explodes marker ( hmm I wonder do the boys in Battle Cry are interested in a joint venture).

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dont you mean a once regular opponent . lol still there alot better then my cd's.

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