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Sunday, September 19, 2010

40K; Sitrep, corridor combat

“Do you want a 1000 point game next week?” And “can you bring your camera and the rules for 40K space hulk” seems too interesting a game to pass. It turns out Franco gone and built himself a 6’x4’ space hulk and wants to christen it in gaming. Below are some of the in game pics

Word Bearers breach the compound.

This is the view of the frist room they encounter.

Before moving into the next corridor.

Solar Wolves react as the alarm is raised.

Solar Wolf breaks cover to take a pot shot.

Dark Disciple leads from the front.

While the Solar Wolf captain stalks the corridors.

Word Bearer reinforcements pour in.

Only to be met with stiff opposition.

Solar Wolves and Word Bearers clash in close combat.

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Anonymous said...

having seen the pictures i'd have to say it was worth building.
it think that the one part of the hobby we all miss out on is different setting, but there's not really a lot you can do about that or is there.

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