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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

PIP (40K); Boom, painting Ork big guns with hairspray

Painting the gunners

The gunners were prepped (flash removed, etc).

The gunners were undercoated AP desert yellow.

Their flesh was painted goblin green.

Their tunics and clothes were painted random selections of GW bestial brown, snakebite leather, codex grey and ultramarine blue.

Teeth, nails, toes etc were painted GW bleached bone.

Their metal tools were painted a random selection V gun metal and GW tin blitz.

Their bases were painted codex grey and based with urban scatter material.

Painting the guns

The guns were undercoated AP rat fur

Once dried, the guns were sprayed with hairspray and coarse sand was sprinkled on to the guns.

The guns were then given a fine spray of AP metal.

Once dried the sand was scrubbed off using an old stiff brush. The result is metal effect which is stippled with rusty red spot, which look cool.

The guns cabling was painted GW blood red or GW ultramarine blue.

Handles were painted GW bestial brown.

Some of the armour plates on the gun-shield were painted with watered down V red or GW ultramarine blue. The watered down painted allows the rusting metal to show through while at the same giving a different colour to the gun shield creating a ram shackled effect.


V= Vallejo

GW= Games workshop

AP =army painter

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