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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wip (40K); Battle Buggies take 2

Jeez, when the Ork codex came out I thought the war buggies were one of the weaker units, now I cannot get enough of the gits. Below is my second war buggy squadron.


Deff koptas

Plastics rods




  • The skids, rotors were cut off the Deff koptas.

  • Plastic rod was measured and then cut to fit in the front and back of the Deff koptas.
  • Large wheels were attached to the rear axle while small wheels were attached to the front axle.
  • To raise the front a length of plastic rod was measured and cut to raise the front wheels of the kopta
  • The rear and front axles were then attached to the koptas.
  • To tide up the back a jet turbine (alternative any gubbins could do) was added and the gap was filled in with green stuff.


bloodclaw_97 said...

Nice job.

Buggies are great little units, they just didn't get anything new in the last codex so the other shiny things got the attention.

Where did you get the wheels?

Anonymous said...

are you still trying to make a good army out of green mutants. ah well 10 out 10 for persistent. nice conversation now if only you had got someone good to paint

Dakeryus said...


I picked up a tin of weathering spray (rust) at Gamers World I'm kind of curious to see how it works out on the next batch.

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