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Monday, October 11, 2010

WIP/PIP; Guard reinforcements

At last, after year since wargames factory asked if I wanted alternative imperial guard models, they have finally arrived and are ready to go. For nearly the same price as the GW imperial guard squad I get eighteen dudes in three different poses with attachable arms and heads. The poses and heads are good if somewhat limited, the weapons are a bit crap (imo).

The bodies are clipped and cleaned.
GW guard arms and Pig iron heads were posed with blu tac to get some idea of what poses could be done.
Because there was a limited number of poses in some case the bodies were cut off at the waist and repositioned.
Once happy with the overall pose the arms and heads were glued in in some case green stuff was used to fill in gaps,
Micro art backs packs and GW and micro art belt accessorise were added to give the models a veteran look.

As painting challenge the plan was to paint the new recruits to match the existing guard army ie green and tan but in the style of certain renaissance painter (there is a small prize if someone actually figures out who).

The models were base coated AP bestial brown.
The great coats were painted V olive drab.
The belts and boots were painted G bestial brown.
The armour, guns were painted V russian green.
The Back pack was apinted V khaki.
The masks were painted GW snakebiteleather
The lens were painted V luffewaffe uniforms.
The models were given a coat of army medium tone then varnished.
The lens were then painted GW 'ard coat.

AP= army painter
GW= games workshop
V= Vallejo

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Anonymous said...

having seen these guys in the flesh i can honestly say they look good. as for the painter i still haven't got a clue.

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