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Thursday, August 18, 2016

WiP(BA) Go for Broke with the Nisei

mine laying pioneers

It was bound to happened. A recent game of Bolt action using my Nisei plus talk of Bolt Action two on the way re-ignited my interested in the Nisei.  Looking at what I had already and what waws in the bits box I opted to flesh out 3rd squad with an additional ten riflemen for go to for a full strength platoon.

Using Chain of command rather than Bolt Action I beefed up the support options with 2 LMGs, a mortar team and some odds and sods to finish off loners like the flamer thrower and sniper.   With the addition of the LMG and mortars I have the option of running the platoon has an armored rifle platoon, which is pretty tasty in WWII I still have an anti-tank gun and a half dozen plastic infantry but they can wait for now

Rifle team
Spotter & smg
Rifle team
Running rifle team
Scout team
Moving LMG team
Firing  LMG team
Firing mortar team
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