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Monday, August 22, 2016

WIP(AIW): The Americans are coming

Rebels man the guns

With the Hessians done next on the AWI painting queue is the Americans.  In keeping with the Trenton theme the idea is to do one brigade of four regiments very loosely based of Stirling’s brigade consisting of the 1st and 3rd Virginia, 1st Delaware and the 1st Pennsylvania Rifle regiments plus some artillery support. In total about 160+ figs. This nicely complement the Bluemoon AWI range since they have four main blisters for the AWI americans alternating hats and coats across the range. The only caveat I want the figures to be interchangeable from regiment to regiment if at some point I want to mix figures from a more ragged looking continental force.

The primary colour was applied via airbrush. Some how I need to find a means to make a better black in 18m. Currently I mix black and dark grey but I think it may still be too dark and once it hits the hats all their detail is lost. Also for an experiment I tried to vary the shades of blue in some of the regiments regiment to break up the homogeneity and make the regulars infantry look a bit more irregular and hopefully subtle more realistic.

1st regiment (black tricon and Vallejo Khaki hunting coats)
2nd regiment ((black round hat and Vallejo german camo grey Khaki hunting coats))
3rd regiment (black round hat and Vallejo Prussian blue jackets)
4th regiment (black round hat and Vallejo Prussian blue jackets)

For an experiment I tried varying the blue tones in the uniforms to add variety in the uniforms.
It is too early to say if this works or not

That is all for now thanks for stopping by

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