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Monday, August 1, 2016

PiP(Blucher): adelante 2nd corps

Spanish 2nd corps rolls off the painting table

Explosion in a paint factory
(blue coat huzzar lead green clad cacadors followed by Brown coated neuvo regiments with white coated antiguo regiment bringing up the rear)
The Spanish 2nd Corps is reporting for some Blucher action. I even managed to get a game in as well.  2nd corps is a bit of hybrid with figures coming from two manufacturers (Baccus and Adler) and the Spanish are also starting to get a more diverse set of uniforms.I really like the guys wearing top hats it is classy.  3rd corps is planned and will probably include units in French and British uniforms, That may be confusing we shall have to see.

In column moving against the Frenchies
I also managed get a game in recently. It seemed pretty much a repeat of the last game. In that, the Spanish dominated the pre-battle campaign. Guerrillas destroyed a french column while the rest of the army maneuvered for an early 7-2 vp lead. But then the battle started with the Spanish out numbered 3:2 by higher quality opposition with the rest of the army racing to the battlefield to get in the game. After a tense engagement the battle ended in stalemate. It could have gone either way in a round or two but it was too late to play on.

Pre game campaign Spanish in red Vs French in blue.
Spanish columns 3&4 are facing French columns A,B & C
Spanish columns are marching to the sound of the guns
Spanish deploy to hold their ground
4th (guards) corps defending the town
That is all for now thanks for stopping by.


Two-Dice said...

I'm looking forward for our next game, this time with miniatures. My army is ready! :)

Dakeryus said...

I saw them they look pretty. I think we need to make some terrain to fight over at some point

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