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Monday, August 8, 2016

Mission critical (Saga): Two fords and a withdrawal

Two fords and an exit plan.jpg

Welsh wait for the raiders
Welsh warlord with his main force guard the bridge at the old roman road
while some of his hearthguard watch the ford
Both forces are on the flank of a major campaign for their lords. They have been re-called to join their lord's armies somewhere to the North. Blue force is also expected to capture the farmstead for a forward supply base.

Norse gaels warlord and retinue show up at the bridge
While his hearthguard and some warriors try to outflank at the ford
Design note:
This scenario was adopted from Neil Thomas one hour wargame rules and it very loosely based of the battle of Wavre in 1815
Norse Gaels attack

Both forces consist of a six point warband
The battlefield:
The river is impassable except at the old roman road and the ford.
The farm stead can hold ten figures.
On all fronts

Red force begins with all it units on the battlefield anywhere North of the river. Blue force start the battle off the field and arrives from the southern edge

Game length:
Blue force goes first and the game last for six turns.

Special rules:
  • Defensive posture:
    • No red unit can move South of the river
  • Exit to the north:
    • Units may only leave the table via the old roman road.
  • Withdrawal
    • On turns 2,3,4 red force must roll a D6 on the table below and remove a unit

A single unit of Warriors is withdrawn and is removed from play
A single unit of Hearthguard or the warlord is withdrawn and is removed from play
A single unit of Levy or the warlord is withdrawn and is removed from play
    • Withdrawing units reduce the saga pool. If there is no unit of the type rolled then the player can choose which unit to withdraw.

The Gaels clear a beachhead

Victory conditions:
Blue force wins if he captures the farmstead or three of his units exit to the north.

Any other results is a Red win.

But are repulsed at the ford
The Gaels hearthguard commit and clear the ford
Welsh dress their lines while showering the Gaels with javelins
Welsh hearthguard withdraw from the battlefield
Clash of warlords
Gaels are beaten back
The Gaels breach is reduced
Welsh warlord cuts down the last Gael warrior from a unit that had broken through
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