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Monday, August 15, 2016

Mission critical (Saga): Unhelpful neighbours

Unhelpful Neighbours.jpg
The battlefield

Gaels are raiding again
Blue is lord of the North and Red is attacking from the South.  Two farmsteads from Blue’s lands refuse to answer his calls to arms fearing that Red will pillage their farms in their absence. Blue give battle near his unhelpful neighbors

The Gaels warlord and his retinue goes for the first farmstead while the Welsh close in from the woods
The Gaels also attack the second farmstead
Design note:
This scenario was adopted from Neil Thomas one hour wargames rules and it is very loosely based of a Panzer leader scenario.

Both forces consist of a six point warband
The battlefield:
There are two farmstead (A and B). each farmstead can hold ten figures.

The Horn sounds as some Welsh hearthguard arrive to help the defenders of the second farmstead
Red force begins with all it units on the battlefield anywhere within 12” of the Northern table edge. Blue force start the battle off the field and arrives from the southern edge

At the first farmstead the battle lines are drawn
Game length:
Blue force goes first and the game last for six turns.

Special rules:
  • Over my dead body:
    • Red must select a quarter of his force each of the farmsteads. The selected units occupies the farmsteads and must remain within 12” of it for the duration of the game

And the Welsh strike first

Victory conditions:
Blue force wins if he captures one of the farmstead
Any other results is a Red win.

While the Gaels strike at the second farmstead
The Welsh are repelled
While on the other side the Gaels are knocked back
The Gaels advance
While the Welsh hearthguard strike at the other farmstead
The Gaels smash the Welsh line

Welsh hearthguard are repelled
The Gaels close in on the second farm
While the Welsh warlord feels very lonely 

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