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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Saga Going Welsh part 2

4 point Saga warband ready to walk into legend

With the quick arrival of some shield transfers from little big man studio and some Autumn tufts from Mininatur the first four points of my Welsh warband is just about done

Warlord and retinue keen to show of their new shiny shileds

Warriors lining up (i am not sure if it would be better if the shedilds were colored matched in a band or if the mis match adds to the irregular feel on the band.

Fortunately for my wallet levy do not get shield transfers

The Autumn foliage does not seem to pop out as much as I would iike. I am not sure because it is a 28mm base is smaller than my normal 15mm bases or if the grass color is 
I used a mix of Mininatur autumn color 6mm and 4mm to good for a rough ground look
That is all for now thanks for stopping by

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