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Monday, October 27, 2014

WIP (FOW): masking putty

Jagdtiger and friends
On a recent trip to Berlin. I made the trek to battlefeild berlin. It is a great game store and well worth a visit if you are in the area. One of purchase was some masking putty. Having tried Anarchy models masks decals I was keen to see what else was out there to improve my airbrushed miniatures.

So far I am happy worth the results. Previously I have treid sticky putty which lived up to its name and end up pulling of half the paint of when it was removed but the mask putty gave a really nice finish. I am looking forward to finishing the models of with some AK interactive filters

Waiting for detailing

That is all for now thanks for stopping by


Frank O'Donnell said...

Look good mate, but tell me this is the putty reusable ?

Dakeryus said...

So far so good. I have used the same bit of putty for several coats and it seems to be still going fine.

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