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Monday, October 20, 2014

40K (WIP) Wyerns and Punishers

Wyerns ready for a fire mission.

 The Imperial guard got an unexpected re-supply this month. Most players IG players I know have opted not to get the new wyvern kit instead have opted to shorten their hydra auto cannon barrels to make them wyerns ( I get the feeling the hydra tank is something most people expect not to use in the current edition of the IG). I took a visit over to puppets war miniatures and picked-up some missile pods instead. I also picked up some punisher cannon parts while I was there.

Missile pods arrive under armed guard
The Punisher cannons has a minor modification by saw of the back bit and sticking on a peice of plastic tubing (not shown) so they could be attached to a existing Leman Russ 

MIssile pods attached to a re-purposed hydra tank
Leman Russ with modified punisher cannons

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