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Thursday, October 9, 2014

40K Prag and back

Breakfast in Prag for the Ogre cup
Two weeks after my first 40K event of the year and the Imperial Guard were on the march again.  This time the target was the Ogre cup in Prag. I went a bit conscript crazy and arrived with 200 Guardsmen with support from six AFV.
Day one saw the guard engage and destroy Fleshhound/screamstar pact, followed by Cron air and ending on Tigarius/centurion star, The Guard end the day with thirty points out of a possible thirty points after some pretty tense games.
Day two saw reality kick in and the Guard lost their first game 6-4 two an eldar Wraithknight/jetbike list. Largely due to me making some bad plays after the ref called time allowing the last few eldar jet bikes to creep in to sneak off with enought objectives to claim the win. The final round saw the Guard pair off against a Marine bike list. It should have been an easy game but my opponent quickly demonstrated how he had fought to table one and delivered a pair of devastating blows. Fortunately skill and grace is a poor match to three hundred plus lasguns shots at point blank range and the game ended with a Guard win 9-1.
When the dust had settled operation Conscript carnage had won best general and Best overall army and won me a second Ogre cup.
Baron's Tigarius/centturion star with Coteaz and landraider support
These guys were the opposition for round three

I table these guys but then in the night we played kill team and they got their revenge

Baron used Mechinicum guys for his centurions. I think it turned out really well

Dark eldar themed around Star Gate Alantis wraith

Chaos sapwn with a tasy for gaurd

Gaurd line aganist Daemons round one

Dogs fail their charge and face 1500  re-roolable shots from the conscripts

On the other flank the same thing happens

Sonme dogs finlly make combat but a to few and a cut down by the conscripts

With the dogs out of the way the gaurd advance over running the stay behind daemons

Not even Fate waever saw the Gaurd coming

Cron air flies on for round two opposition

Dam it, I thought the Necron Doom ray was 3D6" range not 12"+3d6.Pask and his wingman go up in smoke

Necron lord Vs consrcipts

Con Air tries to capture an objective but the is just two many Gaurd

Round three Gaurd vs Tigarius and friends. Conscripts take down a Henchman assualt squad trying to capture a relic

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Frank O'Donnell said...

Well done on the win mate it must fell like playing orks all over again :-)

Dakeryus said...
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Dakeryus said...

:) A little.

This time there was little concern regarding the close combat thing. But considering the conscripts took down a chapter master I think that has passed. Warpcon now whispers in my ear but I am not sure if it will work out.

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