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Monday, November 3, 2014

hmm, I think I may have too many projects on the go

Getting back to bases
Recently, I was making up some basing filler and went a bit overboard with the mix. Determined not to waste the mix, I grab any model within eyesight that needed filler for their base. The end results was half the mid used and I now have a dawning feeling I am have too many projects planned. Below are some of the pictures.

Gripping Beast, Saga 2 points worth of retinue and levy to bring the Welsh to to a full strength warband
Brigade games and Warlord games Japanese ww2 troopers to serve the emperor in Bolt Action (BA) or Chain of Command (CoC) depending on where faith takes them. 

WW2 US marines to combat the above Japanese.. And that is just the support weapons teams.

Gebirgsjaeger early war anti-rifle, mortar teams and PaKs. Because early war is becoming a thing now.
The original target for the filler. A late war US Anti gun platoon
Not shown, were the pictures of the two Russian AA platoons for late war, of the late war German rocket launcher platoon or the work in progress heavy tank platoon. Or the late BA/CoC regular US infantry platoon in the works.

These may take a while :)

That is all for now thanks for stopping by.

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