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Monday, November 10, 2014

PiP (FOW): Rockets away.

German armoured rocket battery 

I think this German armoured rocket battery is the best I can currently do at the moment in 15mm and this is due to a combination of things.

Freya gets a reload
The paint scheme for the vehicles  comes from AK interactive 1945 german colors books. I am still happy with that purchase. The main colors are again from AK interactive, using their 1945 german colors and airbrushed on using masking putty as a screen. Before applying some AK interactive for depth. The decals come from Mustang games. I am still a bit on the fence with the decals they are good but something is holding me back from saying they are great. I also tried weathering pigments but the effect seems to have been washed out when the models was varnished.

command section
The Infantry were painted as normal using Vallejo model paints. The main difference being this time they were given extra details, like painting epaulette. Also the models were given a more watered down wash than normal. Overall I like the effect

Finally the bases were the first time I used an flock gun (the name sounds more interesting than an electrostatic grass applicator) .Which gave the bases a more subtle, denser basing.

Overall I am happy with the results.

In the background some 4ground biuldings are getting a touch up, mostly just covering the jointsover some 

That is all for now thanks for stopping by.


Paul Waechter said...

Nice work. Like you, I am always trying to improve my skills. Love the names on the vehicles :-)

Dakeryus said...

Cheers mate. I like it when the vehicles have in use look

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