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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Battles in leipzig

Tiger hunting in Leipzig

Over the weekend I got a chance to attend a Fow of tournament event Leipzig. I opted to roll in with the US 7th armour division. It might have been a coincidence that 1st trailer for a new ww2 movie about a US tank crew also aired that week. I am really looking forward to seeing fury. I think around November we might be seeing a surge on interest in WW2 tank battles.

Games wise the first round was against Marcus fielding an Aufklärungs, twenty minutes later and the US armor had overran the German defense and secured the objective and the cost of two tanks knocked out. Success in the first round put me against Steffan one of my club mates and the current German FoW ETC captains leading a horde of Russian tanks. Outnumbered the Americans were ordered to attack. I lost my first platoon on turn one but battled on destroying half the Russian army. The Russians made a mistake abandoning an objective leaving it to the Americans but since the mistake was made early in the shooting step we fixed it quickly enough but it did turn a 4:3 win to a 3:4 loss. The last game a bit of a disaster agnaist  Denis's Aufklärungs with both side starting half their force on the table. The difference being all the germans showed up while none of the Americans did. The yanks battled on claiming a anti platoon but just could not hold back at the germans. To add salt to the wound  last minute charge by a tank platoon on infantry dug in in the woods resulted in half the tanks breaking down to deny a 3:4 loss.

Some of the FoW tables

Puma's get the drop on a sherman platoon
Panzer getting ready to advance on an American controlled hill

Russain armour over running german gernadiers
Shermans on the march
Shermans over running at German postions

Britidh commandoes camp on an objective

Russian mortars get ready 

Russain Vs Americans
British Vs feldhallen (?)
Americans Vs Russians

German armour on the advance
German protecting an objective
Facing Americans doing the same thing
105 sherman spots for the rest of the platoon
I like the Barrallel and Heavy Bolter conversion
Necrons Vs Eldar
Deldar beast pack
Eldar Wraith Knight in action
Imperial Gaurd Vs Nids


Frank O'Donnell said...

I don't think the Yanks ever got as far east as Leipzig mate, nore did the Eldar or Nids for that matter lol.

Red Dog said...

Nice report. Not getting reserves will kill you! Cheers, Paul :-)

Dakeryus said...

thanks for the feedback guys.

@ Franco, I think the American's captured leipzig in April 1945 .

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