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Monday, June 30, 2014

FoW (PiP): German eye and ears Sd.Kfz.234/4

On the look out on the eastern front

 Recently added to the Aufklärungs (recon) section was a pair sd. Kfz 234/4 armored cars.  This is a strange unit in FoW with a respectable gun mounted on paper thin armor it is hard to not fall into the trap of trying to get into a fire fight, blazing away at a target. However. things badly if the enemy gets to shot back.
The models is from Battlefront. Camo scheme and the paints come from AK interactive ranges. I scratch built canvas roof on one of the vehicles for variety.
sd Kfz 234/4 roll into town

sd Kfz 234/4 with scratch built canvas cover 

sd Kfz 234/4 reloading

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Red Dog said...

Great work! I really like the individual touches on each one, very nice. Cheers, Paul :-)

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