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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Chain of Command: Cutting the jessami track

The Jessami Track
By fortuitous alignment of the stars the Two Fat Lardies summer special included a few articles on the Chindits in the Burma campaign and this coincided with one of the guys expressing an interest in trying out the rules.  We opted to try the "Cut the Track" scenario by Richard Morrill in the summer special with a few tweaks namely cutting down on the numbers of units to reduce the complexity of the game.

Tamiya Bulldozer waiting for a paint job.
British No3 section moves to flank the village.
Japanese No3, mortar, section sets up a fire base to cover the track. (I hindsight the fire power light mortars may not have justified-tying down a full section of rifle men) 
Japanese Senior sergeant, Flag bearer,  over sees No3 section 
British No2 section put down fire on Japanese trying to enter the village
Japanese No2 section creeps through the jungle trying to flank the British
Japanese move into contact
Japanese No.3 section spots their opposite number creeping through the jungle

British No3 section trades fire with their opposite number
While the platoon lieutenant provides direction from the rear. 

British No1 section with platoon Sargent
Japanese No1 section rifle team

1 Japanese rifle team Vs  A British section with LMG support from both flanks
The British whittle down the rifle team then charge in for the kill
British assault
No1 section routes their opposition from the village
Japanese rush to reinforce their center
Japanese No2 section LMG opens fire on the British section as it over runs the Village  
Japanese Lieutenant races to reinforce No1 section's LMG team But it is too late to keep the platoon in the fight. 
A fun but frustrating game first game for a new opponent I think.  If the fight for the village the British got three phase in a row leaving a frustrated Japanese commander wondering when was he going to do anything except pull off downed soldiers. Plus the Japanese corporal leading the assault into the village turns out to be a bullet magnet getting wound three times before fleeing the battlefield after his team was destroyed by the British pretty much broke the Japanese will to fight even though they started on a better morale level than the British at the start of the game.

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