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Monday, July 14, 2014

The ETC and why I am begin to dislike Russian Green

21 Matildas from Zveda courtesy of Plastic soldier company
Yikes, ETC 2014 is nearly here and there is nothing like a deadline to focus the mind.  This year I am helping out as a Chairman, a ref for the 40K ESC and a player for Ireland FoW.

It is as a player for Flames I am beginning to dislike Russian Green. I am running Russian Tankovy (tank company) at the ETC. The Russain like their tank units big, I mean really big. In a normally game of FoW I would normally have a random list with six to ten hulls (tanks speak for tanks). At the ETC I willing running forty three hulls. To make it more complicated, even though I already have a decent collection of soviets, I thought it would be a good idea to build the army from scratch a few weeks before the event. The Stuarts have already been covered on the blog. Now its the turn of the Matilda's, all twenty one of them.  The matilda's is an allied tank the British lend/lease to Russia on mass. It is design is a bit like marmite (ie love it or hate). I got these guys painted over a complete of afternoons. enjoy

Commander conversion using a turret from a PSC cromwell with a peter pig( I think ) tank commander

1st Company, primed and with preshading in Dunkgelb

 1st company with base coat
 A this stage I forgot to take more pictures :(
The tracks were painted Vallejo flat earth.
The MG was painted Vallejo gun metal blue,
The tank was then varnished and given a coat of AK interactive black wash.

Matilida horde somewhere in action on the eastern front
The likely fate for most of the horde

Below are some photos of some proxy games I was able to get in at the North Vs South training in Ireland.

1st game against the US 4th infantry division ( note to self I need to top telling my opponents how to block the russian scout move.)

Soviet Stuarts engage an anti-tank platoon

While a Matilda company engages a rifle platoon on the other flank.

Artillery+air+ newly arrived shermans see of the stuarts

Then the sherman fall prey to some tank hunters

much the relief of the spetnatz

Malitda's over run the other flank

SU-100s seize an objective...

... And are then destroyed by the Anti tank platoon (fortunately the matildas arrived the next turn and finished the game.
That is all for now, thanks for stopping by

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