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Monday, July 7, 2014

FoW (PiP): German eyes and ears Sd Kfz 250/9 (2cm) (alte)

recon patrol on the eastern front

More german recon elements. The SD 250/9 is a bit more suited to a recon role. Having a smaller gun it is less tempting to try and duke it out with anything.
The models are from forged in battle, In paint scheme comes form AK interactive German armor book. The paints are from Vallejo.

Overall I am not a fan of how the unit turned out for a couple of reasons
- German early war armour was not designed for a modeller in mind there are a lot of angles and slopes on the model. I would enjoy in 28mm but in 15mm it makes it a pain to put the decals on right.
- Unusually for forged in battle the models are only okay. Normally forged in battle vehicles have a lot of personally but this time they seem a bit bland.
- I am not a fan of dark paints on 15mm models for some reason the Vallejo dark camo brown is just a bit to dark and it hides a lot of the vechiles details.
-Something else that went wrong I think was the mask tape used was too strong and it peelled of some of the paint. I need to source some blu tack in the Reich. 

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