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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sitrep (40K): Road to the ETC

The ETC looms large. Hard to believe I will  be on the ground on Tuesday and rolling dice by Wednesday.  

A year ago I had planned to return with the sisters but the boys in green need green boyz so the Orks are marching to waaagh.  Hopes for a new army have been dashed by reality the only new guy to make the list so far is an unnamed Big Mek with "kustom cuver maka".  
Not known for patience the boyz are taking a spin up to the Berlin to put the boot in at the Berlin city 40K championship this weekend.  Then returning to join the sisters to march on Montreux.  The Sisters are making their swan song appearance for the ESC(if the new codex rumors are true). Sub par rules, not a lot of flavour and no new models doesn't sell the new list.  The only rule they seem to have got right is "righteous fury" which affects Sisters players whenever they read about the new codex ;)


Caolán said...

Nice model. Best of luck in the ETC. Shame about the new Sisters (not)Codex. It really is sub-par.

Dakeryus said...

I hear you

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