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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sitrep (40K): That is a wrap,the ESC and the ETC pt 2

The big show.  With a Waaagh in effect going as a shield meant this was going to be a rough ride

Frist up Finland. They beat use last year so it was interesting test to see how far we had come.  My opponent Jukka Halme playing chaos space marines, aka double lash, in kill points. Jukka won the roll off to pick side and picked the corner I wanted. Fortunately neither of us released the best piece in the entire ETC was now on  my side. There was a beautiful ruin with three solid walls within running distance of the Orks table edge. For most of the game Jukka tried to lash the Orks mobs into good positions for the obliterators. A lot of boyz were killed but no kill points were earned. Meanwhile the deff dread, Crushinator and a mob of killa kans infliterated the ruins.  With time running out Jukka concentrated on the ruin targeting it with two squads of obliterators, both the princes and all the available chaos marines.  The killa kans shuffled forward and put a couple of wounds on the nearest Prince before the Crushinator broke cover and killed him. Down on kill points and missing a prince the marines fired 12+ melta shots into Crushinator destroying him while the last prince charged the kans.  The game end with the prince locked in combat with the kans  for a even draw.

Round two was against Beglium this time space wolves lead by Louis Aerts.  The Orks won the roll off and picked the side with the most objectives and best cover.  The Wolves rolled on and opened fire with little effect. The wolves were reluctant to advance while the orks controlled most of the objectives and did not feel in a hurry to be anywhere.  Realizing the orks were not going to charge forward, the wolves charged in but it was too little too late. To add insult to injury one of the Ork mobs won their combat and consolidate towards the wolves only objective to contest it and the end of the game with a suprise win. This was the high water mark for the team making it into sixth place in the rankings.

Round three was agnaist Sweden (playing with the big boys now). The enemy was battlewagons Orks (my favourite kind of Orks) led by Oakim Engström. Looking at the lists Oakim commented that I should have some deff koptas in my list. Considering I picked up a 20 point penal for having an extra 100 points worth of deff koptas I had to smile.  The game was very cagey the first casualty (one of mine) was not until turn three.  Then it degenerated into a blood bath as battle wagons and mobs started to commit.  The wagons rolled over the kans destroying them, then pinning the foot boyz in combat. The game end in a win to the battle wagon boyz who contested the foot boyz objectives while keeping their own objectives clear.

Round Four Was against Danemark I was paired against Andy "Panda" Horvath playing another double lash the primary mission was kill points secondary was objectives.  The CSM again won the roll off for sides and picked the good one with nice terrain.  Deployment was dawn of war with the CSM opting to all roll on except for deep striking terminators,  In response two mobs and big mek deployed up front.  The CSMs played the lash game grouping mobs then plasma/ing them to bits. In exchange the mobz fired rockets at the princes badly wounding one.  It was turn four before anybody claimed a kill point with a prince failing a perils test and passing on to the other realm. Andy responded by lashing a big meks mob and flaming it to bits. The Orcs when Waaagh and fluffed it. Three killa kand failed to hit  land raider in combat. The other mob and some rockets immbolised and weapon destroyed a rhino.  The last big mek and his mob got into a nasty rumble with a mob of obliterators.  The big mek passed 3 5++ to stay in the game with the Nob took out all three obliterators.
The game ended a winning draw to a very shocked Andy.

Round five vs Switzerland and Markus 'Jokaero' Liechti playing genestealer bomb. The mission was capture the flag with with the secondary being kill points. The Orks nested around their objectives with the bugs doing the same, genestealers infested evenly across the board.  The game did not go anywhere fast with neither side pushing hard. Eventually tried of waiting the boyz went on a waaagh. Unfortunatly they rolled a 1 and could only get a couple of boyz into a mob of stealers. To make it worse their support, Crushinator, also rolled a 1 for its run move. leaving it strand against the hive guard.  The Genestealers took their time with the mob before destroying it while the hive guard quickly destroyed the Crushinator.  The remaining orks bunker-ed up waiting for the imminent genestealer bomb which never arrive. the game end on turn five with a loosing draw.


Round Six vs Austria. It seemed fair I had played against some of them in the Salzburg and mentioned to TNI what the Austrians thought of their playing skills.  Fair play says the Austrians get to take a shot at the 'free ' Irish ;) Unfortunatly two of the Austrians fled in terror rather than face the Irish, muttering something about flights home.  Meaning the boyz had to sit this one out.


Eoin said...

Unfortunate that you had to miss the last game but it looks like you had 5 good games before that.
Having played in the ETC before with a different army, how do you think the Green tide held up? Underperformed? Over-performed? About right?

Dakeryus said...

I think they held their own. They were given short end of the stick. playing two double lash lists with a foot army is a bit of pain but for a team event you got to hold out and hope your team mates are exploiting their matches.
Ironically their big loss was against battlewagon orks which would be my choicelist for a singles event. daemon prince vs deff rolla :)

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