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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sitrep (40K): That is a wrap,the ESC and the ETC pt 1

Big Mek Gutbag with kustom cuver maka

The hall

The ESC;
This was my first time attending the ESC, it was also the last dance with the sisters for the forseeable future. Organisation wise it was probably one of the worse organised event I have been to in a long while but the player standard is high so it made for some good games.

Nikoly's grey knights line up. I never figured out what exactly a dread knight did he strayed too close to the sisters table edge and got destroyed by some celestians.

Frist up to bat was Nikolay "Azathot" Golov of team Russia fielding grey knights. The primary mission was kill points with the secondary being capture and control.  The grey Knights shooting was greatly reduced by the terrain, ETC terrain tends to be denser and more LOS blocking.  The grey knight were funneled into killyones before being flamered and boltered back to the emperor. The game end a winning draw (13-7) with Nikolay destroying most of the Sisters LAVs and me forgetting to roll my 35 D6x10 vps for using excruicators on the inquisitor

Round two was against Eugene "Aaz13" Rigo of team Russia using Orcs. Possibly the game of the tournament with the sisters assaulting a battle wagon waaagh backed up by hordes of boyz, kans and lootas. Celestian squad Rose pretty much got a draw on its own. First it tagged time a 30 boy mob, destroying it and break through the enemy lines. It then went on to kill a battle wagon and mob of mega nobz, a big mek, 4 killa kans before being locked in combat with another mob of kans 1" away from the Orks home flag, not bad for a forlorn hope.

Eugene's boyz line up

Warboss's last stand

Round three was against Pekka of team Finland Tyranids and was the wrong kind of massacre with the sister getting wiped out in turn seven.

Last man standing

Round Four was against Jakob "Amasec" Salzmann of team Germany SOB with IG.  Jakob army had one Canoness, three exorcist and a lot of guard with a lot of anti LAV weapons. We fought in a city fight table reducing the effect of the exorcists. It was a tense game with both side jostling to get good LOS sites. Amasec came of the better helped by winning the roll off for sides. He won the primary with a draw on the sceondary but not before Laby Tabita cut of the head of the renegade canoness. Hi light of the game was lady Tabita failing her act of faith only for the renegade canononess to roll triple one to wound with her eviscerater before being behead in the next turn.

Fighting Orks in a city is never pleasant, unless you are the Orks.

Round five saw the Sisters fighting again on the same city fight table against an horde of orks with a primary mission of kill points in dawn of war. The Orks won the roll off and deployed two 30 boyz mob and a warboss on the half way line. with limited line of sight and a lot of cover saves this was a bloody affair. Squad Rose again went for the throat and got a tag team assault on a mob of boyz with warboss destroying them and assaulting a mob of lootas before being destroyed (two sisters vs 13 lootas as a bridge too far).  Elsewhere the sisters played cat and mouse killing another warboss and mangle another big mob.  The refs called time half way through turn four. With the score the orks winning on kill points 7-6, (damn rhino chassis) with both sides tied on secondary objectives. Annoyingly everybody else played on for another half hour when the Cannoness had her eye nice on a nice mob of grots.

Lootas or Grots?

Sisters sacrificed vehicles to line up good assaults on orks boyz,

Round Six was against Jean "Carnassire" Zvorykin of team mercs playing Grey knights. This time on a fairly open table, not what you want against a shooting army. Turn one started of well with the exorcists and immolators destroying a razorback and killing its passengers.  Then the grey knight opened fire and that was pretty much the end of the game. Despise being in cover and concealed the sisters got shot to pieces in the first round. two exorcist were destroyed. one was made weaponless, one immolator destroyed, another made weaponless and the third immobilised. The sister chewed dirt for most of the game while the grey knights destroyed vehicles at will.  But the clock was ticking the game ended on round five with the sisters hang in for a draw.

Overall the ESC was a blast, my main grip was with the organisation four of the rounds were scored wrong and calling time in round four and not following up was as pain. But the opponents were great fun and hope to meet them again next year. 

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