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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dig in(40K) ruins

Crap, NWG is in 19 days.  

I have four boxes of terrain to be shipped within the week.  One of the expats is driving home, all 1400km, bless him. Plus I finally got started on some ruins. I was trying to do some Ikea style ruins. basically flat packs stuff you can stick together. fully painted and partially assembled, but lack of time hit that on the head.  Below is one of the early prototypes in construction

indigenious flora for NWG

Rocks for NWG (you cannot have too many rocks for an event)

wtf? alien plant using terragensis guides 1 and 2


Welshman said...

Where did you get the Hats for the Guardsmen?

Terrain looks ace, looking forward to NWG!

Dakeryus said...

green stuff.

I think microart or max mini do some WWII heads in the same style.

You don't count as a catachan vet unless you have a shotgun and a really big hat ;)

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