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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sitrep (FOW) D-day+10 hrs


It seems to be feast or famine these days for Flames of War after long drought. Six games arrive within a week.  First up was themed game I adapted from Richard Clarke's article in Battlegames magazine issues 27 aka mission critical D-Day +10hrs (please ignore the now painful obvious typos). Set ten hours after the first Normandy landings and British company is moving forward though their first encounter with the Brocage ahead of them is left overs from the largest naval invasion in the world. Reinforced by a Third of the total German armour available for D0day, just three stugs.  Added to the mix the British are more confident than normal while the Germans are less so they definitely having a bad day.

The battlefield with the German mid way through deployment. The stugs are independent warrior teams in ambush.

British advancing through the brocage

With armour support

German defence waiting sitting in foxholes

British left flank moves forward

Sherman platon moves nervously down the road (did I mention there was STUGs in ambush)

STUGs make an appearance and destroy two shermans while they try to clear a feild
And then try to stormtrooper away from the fire fly on overwatch

One fails a strom move and is nailed by the fire fly

View from the British side

STUGS switch flank and take out another sherman

Some where down that road is a firefly.

British right flank advance and pushes back the German defenders

British put pressure on the cnetre and right flanks foricng the Germans to withdraw

A Stug gets cut off trying to aviod a firefly

But ends up facing two of them and is destroyed

The mission objective is for the British to get a platoon of the german table edge before the game times out

They are so close.

 But the game times out before they can make it
Over all a great game. Both sides were initially bit upset about there available forces. But the game went down to the wire with both sides in it until the end. FoW may not be the best vehicle for Brocage fighting but it is simple and fun. And now I feel the need to make more brocage for a re-match

That is all for now, thanks for stopping by.

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Frank O'Donnell said...

Nice report mate & a nice battlefield, I always feel that scale just hit a sweet spot for real looking battlefields.

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